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Bamboo processing machines are used to prepare bamboo for use in manufacture of handicrafts, furniture and other products.

Bamboo processing tasks[edit]

Bamboo processing machines are usually built to perform a single task such as:

  • Splitting - separating the material in the direction of the fibers at right angles to the surface (radially)
  • Slicing - separating the material in the direction of the fibers parallel to the surface (tangentially)
  • Knot removing - cutting or grinding down the inter-segmental nodes.
  • Planing - smoothing the top, bottom and/or side surfaces of a split length
  • Cross cutting - cutting a length of stem into shorter sections
  • Incense stick making
  • Stick sizing[further explanation needed]
  • Polishing
  • Curving[further explanation needed]

Multi-task processing machines[edit]

A new machine developed in Nagaland, India performs four tasks on a single platform – planing, curving, polishing and knot removing.[1] It was recognized by the National Innovation Foundation – India in their fifth biennial competition.[2]


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