Ban Mueang

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Ban Mueang
King of Sukhothai
King of Siam
Reign 1279 – 1277
Predecessor Sri Indraditya
Successor Ram Khamhaeng
Issue Nguanamthom
House Phra Ruang Dynasty
Father King Sri Indraditya
Mother Queen Sueang
Born ?
Died 1279

King Ban Muang (Thai: พ่อขุนบานเมือง) was King of Sukhothai. He was preceded by King Sri Indraditya and was succeeded by King Ram Khamhaeng.[1]:196

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Ban Mueang
Born:  ? Died: 1279
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sri Indraditya
King of Sukhothai
Succeeded by
Ram Khamhaeng