Ban Ta Khun District

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Ban Ta Khun

Amphoe location in Surat Thani Province
Amphoe location in Surat Thani Province
Coordinates: 8°54′18″N 98°53′6″E / 8.90500°N 98.88500°E / 8.90500; 98.88500Coordinates: 8°54′18″N 98°53′6″E / 8.90500°N 98.88500°E / 8.90500; 98.88500
ProvinceSurat Thani
SeatKhao Wong
 • Total1,308.2 km2 (505.1 sq mi)
 • Total14,116
 • Density10.8/km2 (28/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code84230

Ban Ta Khun (Thai: บ้านตาขุน, pronounced [bâːn tāː kʰǔn]) is an amphoe in the west of Surat Thani Province of southern Thailand. It is both the largest district of the province and the one with the lowest population density.


Most of the district is in the hills of the Phuket Range, with parts being protected within Khao Sok National Park and the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary. Mostly located in Ranong Province is the Khlong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers the northwestern corner of the district.

The main rivers of the district is the Khlong Saeng, which is dammed by the Ratchaprapha dam to form the Cheow Lan reservoir. It empties near the town Khao Wong into the Phum Duang River.

Neighboring districts are (from north clockwise) Tha Chang, Vibhavadi, Khiri Rat Nikhom and Phanom of Surat Thani, Khura Buri of Phang Nga Province, and Suk Samran and Kapoe of Ranong Province.


District office

The district was created on 20 July 1973 as a minor district (king amphoe) by splitting off five tambon from Khiri Rat Nikhom.[1]

On 9 September 1976 the minor district was elevated to full district status.[2]

The fifth tambon Krai Son (ไกรสร) was later merged into Khao Phang,[3] as it was in the area flooded by Cheow Lan lake.


The slogan of the district is "High mountains, beautiful dam, rich in fruits, outstanding virtue, origin of the trunks for the city pillar".


The district is divided into four tambons, which are further subdivided into 29 villages (muban). There are two sub-district municipalities (thesaban tambon): Khao Wong (to be renamed Ban Ta Khun) covers 7.8 km2 of tambon Khao Wong, and Khao Pang 10.1 km2 of tambon Khao Pang. Each of the four tambons, except the areas covered by the municipalities, is administered by a tambon administrative organization (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Pop.
1. Khao Wong เขาวง 6 4,303
2. Phasaeng พะแสง 9 3,158
3. Phru Thai พรุไทย 9 2,648
4. Khao Phang เขาพัง 5 4,007
Map of Tambon


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