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Banana is a term for an Asian person living in a Western country (e.g., an Asian American) who has lost touch with the cultural identity of his or her parents.[1] The term is derived from the fruit banana, which is "yellow on the outside, white on the inside". It may be used as a pejorative term or as a non-pejorative term.

Chinese context[edit]

This term is related to the Cantonese slang Jook-sing, which refers to an overseas Chinese person who was born in a Western environment or a Chinese person who more readily or strongly identifies with Western culture than traditional Chinese culture.[2]

In popular culture[edit]

  • King of the hill: In the episode Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?, Ted Wassanasong says that Khan has become what is known as a "Banana" (referring to a Banana's skin which is yellow and the inside which is white).

Ted: You've become what is known as a "banana".
Ted: Consider the properties of a banana, Kahn.
Its skin is yellow, but its insides are white.

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