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Banana Sundae
Also known as Banana Split (2008–2011)
Banana Split: Daily Servings (2009–2011)
Banana Split: Lafternoon Delight (2011)
Banana Nite (2013–2015)
Banana Split Extra Scoop (2011–2015)
Genre Comedy, Gag show, Stand-up comedy
Created by ABS-CBN
Directed by Edgar Mortiz
Jose Mari Reyes
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English
No. of episodes n/a
Executive producer(s) Rocky Ubana
Production location(s) Studio 5, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Running time 1 hour
Sunday at 14:30 (PST)
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release October 11, 2008 (2008-10-11) – present
Preceded by That's My Doc
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Banana Sundae (formerly Banana Split) is a Filipino comedy gag show broadcast on ABS-CBN every Sunday after ASAP featuring Angelica Panganiban John Prats Jason Gainza Pokwang Pooh (Comedian) Badjie Mortiz Ryan Bang Jobert Austria Sunshine Garcia JC De Vera Aiko Climaco Shine Kuk Ritz Azul Empoy Marquez and Wacky Kiray.


Banana Split is the spiritual successor to the Goin' Bananas series which included Edgar Mortiz, Christopher de Leon, and the late Jay Ilagan and Johnny Delgado.

Banana Split first aired on October 11, 2008. The second season premiered on February 28, 2009, and the third season on April 18, 2009 with a new cast.[1] The fourth season premiered on July 18, 2009.[2] A 30-minute version began airing every weekday afternoon from September 30, 2009, entitled Banana Split: Daily Servings, as part of the Hapontastic block.[3] On August 18, 2010, it was moved to morning timeslot at 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. However it was moved again twice as early as 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. starting June 27, 2011. On July 9, 2011 the Saturday show was reformatted as Banana Split: Extra Scoop which features live comedy performance including the return of Clown in a Million Season 2, a reality comedy search. On September 12, 2011, Banana Split: Daily Servings will be renamed as Banana Split: Lafternoon Delight and moved to 2:45 pm slot. Due to low ratings, Banana Split: Lafternoon Delight was ended on October 7, 2011.

Banana Split: Extra Scoop airs every Saturday night and surprisingly, the show did well and garnering higher ratings on its timeslot compare to other counterpart programs. Because of its success in the late night timeslot, the network decided to launch a version of the gag show airing Tuesday-Saturday at after Bandila from February 25, 2013 onwards titled Banana Nite. Starting Monday, August 5, 2013, Banana Nite will now air 15 minutes longer from 11:30PM–12:15 AM. Starting Monday, February 10, 2014, Banana Nite will go back to 30 minutes from 12:25AM–12:55 AM. Banana Nite ended on October 30, 2015 after their two-year run also Banana Split Extra Scoop ended on November 7, 2015 after its four-year run to be reformatted as Banana Sundae that it premiered on November 15, 2015 and it moved to Sunday depicting its program's name. The move was seen as the network's answer to another weekend comedy-variety show Sunday PinaSaya from competitor GMA Network. Starting April 9, 2016, Cine Mo! started airing segments from Banana Split every Saturday 9pm entitled Banana Bites: Ibang Klasiks.

Banana Split logo used from October 11, 2008 to November 7, 2015.


Current cast (Banana Sundae)[edit]

Former cast (Banana Split)[edit]


Current portions/segments[edit]

  • AQUIKNOW AND ABOONDUH TONITE - This is a parody of Aquino & Abunda Tonight, which is hosted by Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda. It is portrayed by Angelica Panganiban which acts as Krissy Aquiknow and Jayson Gainza as Bhoy Aboonduh, parody of Boy Abunda.
  • KRISSY TV - This is a parody of Kris TV, which is hosted by Kris Aquino. It is portrayed by Angelica Panganiban which acts as Krissy Aquiknow and Jayson Gainza as Krissy's assistant Dharla, a parody of Kris TV's headwriter Darla Sauler and John Prats as Bimby Aquino Yap .
  • CLOWN IN A MILLION - C.I.A.M. is the talent search for comedians, where funny people with no or little television experience battle it out to be proclaimed as the latest comedic talent discovery.
  • BANANA CLASSICS - BC is a sketch or comic skit where two or more actors portray roles to convey a simple story that culminates in a punchline, just to make people laugh. It is done before a live audience without cuts, thus requiring the material to be visual rather than verbal.
  • EXTRA SPOOF - This is the segment where the cast impersonates famous icons, idols, celebrities of past and present time, living or not. It is cohesively presented with a common theme like NOVELTY ICONS, ICONS FROM THE 80s, 90s, and the year 2000 and plus or PINOY PRIDE (Pinoy singers known Internationally)
  • OH MY SHOPPING! - This is a parody of O Shopping, where the cast is asked to pick a certain item from a chosen box which they need to sell like an infomercial show.

Former Banana Nite Now Banana Sundae Segments[edit]

  • Barado Sisters (Later as "Hala Bara!")
  • Eto na Post
  • Kandila (Parody of Bandila)
    • Ihaw Na! (Parody of defunct segment Ikaw Na!)
  • Krissy and Me (Parody of Kris TV)
  • Laugh Three
  • "Painting"
  • Surprise Bwi-set
  • Tres Kumpares
  • SSPG: Sobra-sobrang Pilyong Gags, Bawal Sa Bata, Tulog Na! (parody of MTRCB's SPG rating advisory, collection of green jokes)
  • Chazz Do It
  • Yaya and Angel (Parody of "Ang Spoiled", a sketch from rival gag show Bubble Gang)
  • Mr. Bang (Parody of "Mr. Bean")
  • Aquiknow & Aboonduh Tonite (parody of Aquino & Abunda Tonight)
  • Sosyal, 'Di Sosyal
  • Banana Rewind
    • Monday Funday
    • Timeless Tuesday
    • Wayback Wednesday
    • Throwback Thursday
    • Flashback Friday
  • Maling Akala
  • Dr. Selfie
  • Balitang Six-Six
  • Fake yan
  • Pag May Time
  • Kontra Pick-Up
  • Pinoy True Stories parodies
  • How Dare You (Parody of I Dare You)
  • Single, In a Relationship, It's complicated
  • Munting Kaalaman
  • Pogi vs. Tambay
  • Hot Issue
  • Brad Bro Bru

Former portions/segments[edit]

Clown in a Million (2011)[edit]

Elimination chart[edit]

Contestant Date
10/22/11 10/29/11 11/12/11 11/19/11 11/26/11 12/03/11 12/10/11 12/17/11 12/24/11
Wild Card
Score Result
Karen Laugh 10 Safe Safe Safe Safe Won Laugh 5 Safe Final 4 93% Winner
Mimi Laugh 10 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Laugh 5 Safe Final 4 81% 1st Runner-up
Super Tekla Laugh 10 Won Safe Won Safe Safe Laugh 5 Safe Final 4 77% 2nd Runner-up
Leo Laugh 10 Safe Won Safe Safe Safe Eliminated Final 4 65% 3rd Runner-up
Onse Laugh 10 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Laugh 5 Safe Eliminated Eliminated
James Laugh 10 Safe Safe Safe Won Eliminated Laugh 5 Eliminated Eliminated
Ichat Laugh 10 Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
Jandyll Laugh 10 Safe Safe Eliminated
Jodie Laugh 10 Safe Eliminated
Michael Laugh 10 Eliminated
Baba-Low Eliminated
Chad Eliminated
GB Eliminated
Ryan Eliminated
Tresha Eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the wild card round.
     The contestant won immunity from the next elimination
     The contestant was deemed the worst but was immune from elimination


Theme song[edit]

Lito Camo composed the theme song Banana Split performed by Kool Chix, and is available as a bonus track in Willie Revillame's album Giling Giling from Star Records. But during Season 3 the theme song was changed.

Gay kiss issue[edit]

During the December 6, 2008 episode, coverboys Rafael Rosell, Jon Avila and Will Devaughn were involved in a practical joke segment following a dating game format, where they kissed an extra gay instead of the Banana Split girls. This event caused a short rift between Rafael and a Banana Split executive producer. As a result, few clips were aired instead of the whole segment. Also, a public apology was delivered after the end of the show.[4][5][6][7]

Casting cut-out[edit]

Valerie Concepcion, Roxanne Guinoo and Dianne Medina left the show due to Precious Hearts Romances collection where they will act in different episodes. It was reported that Guinoo was removed from the show due to her weight problems while Concepcion left the show due to a talent fee dispute. The rift between Angelica Panganiban and Cristine Reyes arose as another issue following Reyes's departure from the show.[8][9][10]

SPG rating[edit]

Just like its rival show Bubble Gang, Banana Sundae was also given an SPG rating by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) due to themes and strong language, especially when Jobert portrayed Rody Dudirty (a mocking reference to current President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte).

Additional casting[edit]

The additional cast includes John Prats, Zanjoe Marudo, Jayson Gainza, Pooh and Pokwang were part of the third season starting April 18, 2009. There were no guests during the first episode of the season.[11][12][13][14]

In 2017, Empoy Marquez Wacky Kiray was the newest mainstay of Banana Sundae.


  • 24th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Gag Show".
  • Angelica Panganiban was won for 24th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Comedy Actress".
  • 23rd PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Gag Show". (tied with GMA-7's Bubble Gang)
  • 27th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Gag Show". (tied with GMA-7's Bubble Gang)
  • Pooh won for 23rd PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Comedy Actor".
  • 8th Gawad Tanglaw Best Comedy/Gag Show (tied with Goin Bulilit).[15]
  • 29th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Gag Show".
  • Jayson Gainza won for 29rd PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Comedy Actor".

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