Banco (typeface)

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Banco font.svg
Designer(s)Roger Excoffon
Date released1951

Banco is an inclined titling typeface. It was designed by Roger Excoffon for the Fonderie Olive foundry in 1951. Excoffon did not design a matching lower case alphabet for the capitals.

Due to its extensive use on Bob Marley and the Wailers' Natty Dread album sleeve, it has become broadly associated with Reggae music and the Caribbean. In recent years, some skateboarders have begun calling it "thrasher font" as Thrasher Skateboard Magazine uses the font in its logo. On the American game show The Price Is Right, the font is used in the logo of its pricing game Make Your Move. Banco and Ad Lib are used in the logo for the Disney animated series Darkwing Duck.

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