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Banco Popular Pastor, S.A.
Sociedad Anónima
Traded asBMADPAS
IndustryFinancial services
PredecessorJaime Dalmau y Cía
FoundedA Coruña, Spain (1776 (1776))
FounderJaime Dalmau Batista
Number of locations
226 banks
Area served
Key people
José María Arias Mosquera (CEO)
ProductsBanking, insurance, asset management
ServicesCommercial banking, Corporate banking
OwnerBanco Popular Español, S.A.
Number of employees
Main branch of the bank in Vigo.

Banco Popular Pastor, S.A. is a Spanish bank. It is the second oldest banking institution in the country, after Banco Etcheverría.

The bank's main business activity is commercial banking, corporate banking, Internet and telephone banking, and treasury and capital markets. The bank had 4,035 employees as of 2005, 555 branches in Spain and 3 abroad.


Founded in 1776 by Jaime Dalmau Batista as Jaime Dalmau y Cía (Jaime Dalmau and Company), who had a shipping company operating between the port of A Coruña and several American ports. Galician emigrants used to send their savings back to Galicia through the shipping company, hence the need to manage all that capital.

In 1819 José Pastor Taxonera became a partner in the company, and soon took control of the business. He bought it in 1845 and changed its name to José Pastor. The business was passed down through generations of his descendants, changing its name to Pastor Hermanos, José Pastor y Cía. and Sobrinos de José Pastor successively until 1925, when it became Banco Pastor and became a Sociedad Anónima.

In 1939, Pedro Barrié de la Maza (one of the principal economic backers of General Franco's coup d'état received an economic tzar position in Galicia in exchange for his support) took full control of the bank and use it as a supporter of Galician business network control. At a national level it cooperated with Astano, Renfe and Fenosa, founded in 1943 by Barrié de la Maza. In 1971, following Barrié de la Maza's death, his widow Carmela Arias y Díaz de Rábago was appointed executive president of the bank, being the first woman to do so in Spain. In September 2001 she was succeeded by José María Arias Mosquera.[1]

In 2011, with the global financial crisis fully in effect, Banco Pastor was one of the few banks that failed the European stress test. On October 10th, a agreement was reached for a takeover by Banco Popular, but to be continued to be run as a separate entity.


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