Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay

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Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay
Industry Banking
Financial services
Founded August 24, 1896 (1896-08-24)
Headquarters Montevideo, Uruguay
Area served
Key people
Julio César Porteiro,
Chairman of the Board[1]

Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay (also known as Banco República or BROU) is a state-owned bank in Uruguay, founded in 1896 under the presidency of Juan Idiarte Borda. It is the most important Uruguayan bank with the largest number of customers.[2]

It plays a dominant role in lending and deposit in the Uruguayan market. It is also responsible for the collection of exportation taxes.


On October 22, 1896 at 10:00 a.m. the bank opened its doors for the first time with 54 employees. The first deposit was made by the President of Uruguay, Juan Idiarte Borda.[3][citation needed]


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