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"BandNews" redirects here. For radio network, see BandNews FM.
BandNews TV
BandNews TV logo 2010.svg
Launched March 19, 2001
Network Rede Bandeirantes
Owned by Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan A notícia não para, não.
(News does not stop, no.)
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
Broadcast area Brazil
United States
Headquarters São Paulo (SP)
SKY Channel 98 (SD)
Claro TV Channel 79 (SD)
Oi TV Channel 180 (SD)
Vivo TV Channel 136 (SD)
Algar TV Channel 405 (SD)
NET Channel 79 (SD)
Vivo TV Channel 583 (SD)

BandNews TV is the first Brazilian "rolling news" television channel, owned by Grupo Bandeirantes. It was the second news channel launched in the Brazilian cable/satellite market.

The concept of the channel is to provide real-time news in a fast and dynamic format without wasting viewer's time to wait. At any moment he can tune to the uninterrupted news format to keep up-to-date. Every 15 minutes, there is a complete and updated news bulletin, featuring main national and world news, as they happen. The channel also allows quick and accurate breaking news and events, even during talk shows.

The channel also broadcasts Jornal da Band weeknights at 8:30, one hour later the original broadcast on Band. Outside the news bulletins, BandNews TV runs talk shows about business and culture and short documentaries during the break. BandNews is the third most watched Brazilian news channel around the country after GloboNews and Record News and it was the first Brazilian news network to broadcast in HD.


News bulletins[edit]

  • BandNews no Meio do Dia (Noon-2pm)
  • Expresso BandNews (8-8:30pm & 9:30-10pm)
  • Fim de Semana BandNews (Saturday 8-10pm & Sunday 11:30am-Midnight)
  • Jornal BandNews: 1ª Edição (6-7:30am)
  • Jornal BandNews: 2ª Edição (6-8pm)
  • Jornal BandNews: Edição da Noite (10pm-Midnight)
  • Jornal da Band (8:30-9:30pm)
  • Jornal da Noite (Tuesday-Saturday 2-2:40am)
  • Manhã BandNews (7:30am-Noon)
  • Madrugada BandNews (Midnight-6am)
  • Tarde BandNews (2-6pm)

Exclusive magazines[edit]

  • Canal Livre
  • Face a Face
  • Capital Natural
  • Conexão com The New York Times
  • Feiras & Negócios
  • Giro Business
  • Jornal Terraviva
  • Ponto a Ponto
  • Salomão dois Pontos


  • 2001-2006: Muito mais notícia. (Much more news.)
  • 2006-2014: A notícia em primeiro lugar. (The news first.)
  • Since 2014: A notícia não para, não. (News does not stop, no.)

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