Band of Gold (album)

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Band of Gold
Band of Gold (album) cover.jpeg
Studio album by Freda Payne
Released 1970
Genre R&B
Label Invictus
Producer Holland-Dozier-Holland Productions, Inc.
Freda Payne chronology
How Do You Say I Don't Love You Anymore
Band of Gold

Band of Gold was Freda Payne's third studio album and her first for Invictus Records. It was released to capitalize on the success of the title track that became an instant smash on the Pop charts in the US and the UK. Other hits that came from the album included "Unhooked Generation" (released before "Band of Gold") and "Deeper and Deeper." The tenth track was written by Payne's younger sister, Scherrie. Cover versions include Gary Puckett and the Union Gap's hit "This Girl Is a Woman Now" and Andy Williams' hit "Happy Heart."

Track listing[edit]

Side 1
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Band of Gold" Ron Dunbar, Edythe Wayne (Holland–Dozier–Holland) 2:53
2. "I Left Some Dreams Back There" Norma Toney, Ron Dunbar 3:19
3. "Deeper and Deeper" Norma Toney, Ron Dunbar, Edythe Wayne (Holland–Dozier–Holland) 2:52
4. "Rock Me in the Cradle" Ron Dunbar, General Johnson, Greg Perry 3:05
5. "Unhooked Generation" Ron Dunbar, Edythe Wayne (Holland–Dozier–Holland) 2:29
6. "Love on Borrowed Time" William Weatherspoon 2:58
Side 2
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Through the Memory of My Mind" William Weatherspoon 2:40
2. "This Girl Is a Woman Now" Alan Bernstein, Victor Millrose 2:59
3. "The World Don't Owe You a Thing" Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier 2:58
4. "Now Is the Time to Say Goodbye" Scherrie Payne 3:09
5. "Happy Heart" Wayne P. Walker 2:49
6. "The Easiest Way to Fall" Ron Dunbar, Edythe Wayne (Holland–Dozier–Holland), Sheerie Lavette 2:36

Album credits[edit]

  • Recorded at: Holland-Dozier-Holland Sound Studios, Inc.
  • Recording engineer: L.T. Horn
  • Processed by: Syntrex
  • Supervised by: William Weatherspoon


Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1970 Pop Albums 60
1970 Black Albums 17

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1970 "Unhooked Generation" Black Singles 43
1970 "Band of Gold" Pop Singles 3
1970 "Band of Gold" Black Singles 20
1970 "Band of Gold" UK Singles Chart 1
1970 "Deeper and Deeper" Pop Singles 24
1970 "Deeper and Deeper" Black Singles 9
1970 "Deeper and Deeper" UK Singles Chart 33