Banda, Maharashtra

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Bandeshwar Temple in Banda
Bandeshwar Temple in Banda
Banda is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 15°48′45.85″N 73°51′40.78″E / 15.8127361°N 73.8613278°E / 15.8127361; 73.8613278Coordinates: 15°48′45.85″N 73°51′40.78″E / 15.8127361°N 73.8613278°E / 15.8127361; 73.8613278
Country India
 • OfficialMarathi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code02363
ISO 3166 codeIN-MH

Banda is a town in Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, India near the Goa-Maharashtra border. Banda is the last town of Mahrashtra state on Mumbai-Goa national highway (NH-17). Terekhol is main river on the bank of which Banda city is established.

Languages spoken[edit]

The main languages spoken here are Marathi, Malvani and Konkani. Many people have sound knowledge of English and Portuguese. Located at coordinates: 15° 49' 0" North, 73° 52' 0" East.

Places of attraction[edit]

God Shree Bandeshwar and Goddess Shree Bhumika are the Main Temples in the Village. Apart from these temples, temples of Lord Vitthal, [Hanuman]] are also in the town. The name of the village Banda is only because of the God Bandeshwar, a Jagrit Swayambhu Shivalinga. In ancient age the Banda was known as Adilabad due to reign of Adilshahi. Evidences of his reign can still be seen in the form of Redeghumat, Bailghumat and other ancient constructions in and around the town. Adil was defeated by Portuguese. During the time of Shivaji, name Adilabad got converted into Banda because of the deity Lord Bandeshwar. This 300+ years old Temple of Lord Bandeshwar is being renovated. All the devotees are contributing for the same. It is a very real faith that the Lord Bandeshwar can only be worshipped, by entering into the Garbhagriha, by Holy Priest that is the Brahmin of the Temple. To keep devine purity and holiness of the Temple, all the citizens of Banda follow this tradition very heartily and do not enter into the garbhagriha. There are total 12 Shivalingas inside the Garbhgriha of the Bandeshwar temple. There is various temples of other deities e.g.Bhumika, Ravalnath, Vetal, Ganapati, Maharingan etc. around the main Bandeshwar temple. Jatra is being celebrated in the month of December every year.


Banda celebrates festivals like Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and Narali Pournima.


Trade and Agriculture are two main occupations of the people of this town. Production and processing of kajju (cashew nuts), kokam (gamboge) and supari (betel nut)are also emerging as main occupation of the people. Because of huge production of cashews in the surrounding villages, Banda has become major market in the whole Sindhudurga district.


The Terekhol river bridge was constructed in 1961 by Govt of Maharashtra for transportation between Goa and Maharashtra state. Terekhol bridge was considered as only connecting bridge or link between Goa and Maharashtra up to 1999. Mumbai-Goa national highway (NH-17) passes through Banda.

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