Banda Api

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Banda Api
Highest point
Elevation640 m (2,100 ft) [1]
ListingSpesial Ribu
Coordinates4°31′30″S 129°52′16″E / 4.525°S 129.871°E / -4.525; 129.871Coordinates: 4°31′30″S 129°52′16″E / 4.525°S 129.871°E / -4.525; 129.871
Banda Islands en.png
LocationBanda Api in the center of the Banda Islands
Mountain typeCaldera
Last eruptionMay 1988

The small island of Banda Api (Indonesian api, fire) is an active volcano in the Banda Sea, at the center of the Banda Islands group. It has been known to Europeans since the Age of Exploration, when the Portuguese Empire and the Kingdom of the Netherlands competed in the area for spice trade. A 7 km wide and mostly submerged caldera is located at the northwest corner of the volcano.[1]

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