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Bandabardò performing at the Levico Lake Festival, Levico Terme, in July 2010
Background information
Origin Florence, Italy
Genres Acoustic folk rock
Years active 1993 (1993)–present

Bandabardò is an Italian folk band. It was formed in 1993.[1] Bandabardò is noted as a live band.[2] Their album Tre Passi Avanti charted at No. 7 in Italy the week of its release,[3] and Bondo! Bondo! charted at No. 10.[4]

Members include Enrico Greppi, called it:Erriquez (vocals and guitar), Alessandro Finazzo (voice and guitar), Marco Bachi (bass), Andrea Orlandini (keyboard), Alessandro Nutini (percussion), and Jose Ramon Caravallo Arma (percussion and trumpet). The band hails from Florence, and members have spoken about the state of live music in their city.[5]


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