Bandar Baharu District

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Bandar Baharu District
District of Malaysia
Country  Malaysia
State  Kedah
Seat Serdang
 • District officer En Abd. Rahman Bin Haji Salleh, AMK., BCK.(Since 23 April 2003)
 • Total 27,126.98 km2 (10,473.79 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 47,628
 • Density 1.8/km2 (4.5/sq mi)
District postal code 09800
District calling code 604
Vehicle registration K

The Bandar Baharu District (Chinese: 万拉峇鲁, once proposed to be renamed as Bandar Crustacea[1]) is a town, district and state assembly constituency at the southernmost end of Kedah, Malaysia. Bandar Baharu is located along the Kedah-PenangPerak border tripoint, 37 km (23 mi) southeast of George Town, Penang's capital city.

Due to its closer proximity to Penang, Bandar Baharu is also part of Greater Penang, Malaysia's second largest conurbation, with the town's logistical needs being met by Penang's well-developed transportation infrastructure.

The Bandar Baharu District Council (Majlis Daerah Bandar Baharu, MDBB) administers the whole Bandar Baharu district. It covers an area as wide as 169.3 km2 and consists of seven sub-districts which are Serdang, Kuala Selama, Sungai Batu, Bagan Samak, Permatang Pasir, Sungai Kecil Ilir and Relau. Serdang, a 20 km drive away from the actual Bandar Baharu town, is the administrative town of Bandar Baharu district. It is the southernmost and second smallest local government area in Kedah.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Bandar Baharu District is divided into 6 mukims, which are:



  1. Serdang
  2. Taman Serdang
  3. Taman Aked
  4. Taman Cempaka
  5. Taman Kenanga
  6. Taman Melur
  7. Perumahan Awam 1
  8. Perumahan Awam 2

Kampung Sungai Punti

  1. Kampung Ayer Itam
  2. Kampung Badlisha
  3. Kampung Bangol Durian
  4. Kampung Bangol Limau
  5. Kampung Baru Serdang
  6. Kampung Batu 8
  7. Kampung Batu 10
  8. Kampung Batu 12
  9. Kampung Batu 16
  10. Kampung Batu 18
  11. Kampung Batu Ayer Putih
  12. Kampung Batu Hampar
  13. Kampung Batu Lintang
  14. Kampung Bendang Sera
  15. Kampung Bukit Aping
  16. Kampung Bulikt Buluh
  17. Kampung Cina
  18. Kampung Chelong
  19. Kampung Durian Burung
  20. Kampung Ee Guan
  21. Kampung Jalan Selama
  22. Kampung Jermai
  23. Kampung Kuala Air Puteh
  24. Kampung Kuala Dingin
  25. Kampung Leret
  26. Kampung Medan
  27. Kampung Paya Salak
  28. Kampung Pekan Lama
  29. Kampung Setali
  30. Kampung Sungai Buluh
  31. Kampung Sungai Kasai
  32. Kampung Sungai Saleh
  33. Kampung Sungai Setol
  34. Kampung Sungai Taka
  35. Kampung Sungai Tegas
  36. Kampung Sungai Tegas Terap
  37. Kampung Telok Kelian
  38. Kampung Telok Sera
  39. Kampung Tengah
  40. Kampung Terap
  41. Kampung Titi Akar
  42. Ladang Chim Khoon
  43. Ladang Somme
  44. Ulu Riau

Bagan Samak[edit]

  1. Bandar Baharu
  2. Kampong Permatang Kerat Telunjuk
  3. Kampong Baru Bagan Samak
  4. Kampung Kubu, Parit Nibong
  5. Kampung Sg. Tepus/Pasir Debu
  6. Kampung Bukit Aping
  7. Kampung Parit Teropong
  8. Kampung Sg. Kechil Ulu
  9. Kampung Parit Nibong/Asam Kumbang
  10. Kampung Bagan Samak
  11. Kampung Rumah Murah/Tebuk Mat Rashid
  12. Kampung Lubok Buntar
  13. Kampung Berjaya Batu 26
  14. Kampung Permatang Simpor
  15. Kampung Permatang Pasir
  16. Taman Berlian Indah
  17. Taman Cahaya Nilam
  18. Taman Cahaya Intan
  19. Taman Kelisa Emas
  20. Taman Impian Casa Mutiara
  21. Taman Cahaya Kristal
  22. Taman Sejahtera
  23. Taman Sentosa

Sungai Batu[edit]

  1. Kampung Kuala Dingin
  2. Kampung Sg. Itam Dalam
  3. Kampung Sg. Tengas
  4. Kampung Terap Dalam
  5. Kampung Seribu Relong
  6. Kampung Baru Selama
  7. Kampung Selama Luar
  8. Kampung Sungai Tengas Ilir


  1. Kampong Tengah Relau
  2. Kampong Ulu/Relau
  3. Kampong Padang
  4. Kampong Sungai Rambai
  5. Kampong 300 Kaki Relau
  6. Kampong Kilang Batu
  7. Kampong Paya Semambu
  8. Taman Relau Indah

Sungai Kecil[edit]

  1. Kampung Belakang Pekan (Kampung Masjid)
  2. Kampung Keda
  3. Kampung Balai Lama


  1. Hong Leong BanK

Tourism And Recreation[edit]

  1. Seri Tasik Park

This park was originally an inactive mine. Council's party has found its potential to be developed as a recreation garden since it is situated in the midst of Serdang town.Currently, this area already has children playground and exercise equipment. The budget was allocated from National Landscaping Department. District council has also received budget from Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism of Malaysia this year to upgrade present components. This includes building new wakaf, providing picnic tables and chairs, building concrete bridges to link two lakes, pedestrian pathway and decorative lights around the park. Council's party also planned to build rest house and floating restaurant to attract tourist to visit Seri Tasik Park. With all the implemented plans and ideas, Council party hopes that Seri Tasik Park will attract tourist attention to this district in the future.

  1. Batu Hampar Recreation Jungle Air Puteh,Serdang
  2. Kerian River Bank
  3. Sawah Padi
  4. Bagan Samak


Bandar Baharu is part of the Kulim-Bandar Baharu constituency of the Malaysian Parliament, currently represented by Dato' Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Fadzir of UMNO, part of federal ruling alliance Barisan Nasional.

On the state level, Bandar Baharu itself is represented in the Kedah State Legislative Assembly by Norsabrina binti Mohd Noor, also from UMNO.



PLUS E1 exit 153 serves Bandar Baharu.

Public transportation[edit]

KTM Intercity does not serve Bandar Baharu. The closest station is in Parit Buntar, Perak.


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