Bandar Baru

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Bandar Baru (known locally simply as 'BB') is a prostitution lokalisasi in Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra on the road from Medan to Berastagi. It is located in Sibolangit subdistrict, just past Sibolangit itself, and very close to Karo Regency

As with other lokalisasi in Indonesia, sex trafficking, particularly of underage girls, is a significant problem.[1]

Due to the bad name of Bandar Baru, and the problems associated with prostitution, the status of BB as a lokalisasi is being reviewed by the Deli Serdang government.[2]


Coordinates: 3°16′01″N 98°30′54″E / 3.2670°N 98.5150°E / 3.2670; 98.5150