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The city of Metrofulus (Bandar Metrofulus), is a fictional city-state featured in the Malaysian blockbuster superhero film, Cicak-Man. Metrofulus is also referred to by its citizens as a country. It has a complete national structure: executive administrative, judiciary court, passport, currency, and army.


A view of Bandar Metrofulus. The flags on one of the buildings to the left may represent what appears to be the city flag of Metrofulus.

The name Metrofulus is a portmanteau of the words metropolis and fulus (an Arabic-derived word meaning "money" in certain Malay dialects).

The whole city was created using heavily edited shots of various locations in Malaysia. Despite this and Cicak-Man being a Malaysian superhero film,the city's infrastructure look more like Chicago or New York City and nothing like Kuala Lumpur. When viewed by several scenes in Cicak-Man, a building that looks like the Sears Tower and the Empire State Building combined together is seen. Another one is in Cicakman 2 - Planet Hitam when Hairi runs across the roof of a building to change into Cicak Man, what can be seen as a heavily edited Sears Tower and John Hancock Center can be seen in the skyline.


Among the roads in Bandar Metrofulus are Jalan Bomoh, Jalan Dua Ratus, Jalan Hartawan Utama, Jalan Trillion, Jalan Jutawan, Jalan Hundred,Jalan Cinerama, Jalan Ampas and Jalan Plaza.

A river that passes through the city is known as Sungai Longkang ("Drain River").

Bandar Metrofulus is located along a coastline, hence has a beach.


A resident or citizen of Metrofulus is known as a Metrofulusian.


The residents of the city are seen throughout the films to observe Sunni Islam, reflected as such through the city's Malay population.


Bandar Metrofulus experiences cold weather, as presumed from the thick outfits the characters wear. However, snow was not sighted as of Cicakman 2-Planet Hitam.[1]


Metrofulus might be a republic like Singapore. The city is led by President Ramlan (Cast: Jalaluddin Hassan) who is helped by five ministers. It also has a Mayor (Sathia) which controls the Town Hall.

Mahkamah Metrofulus (Court of Metrofulus) have a classical English structure, with 'Adil dan Saksama' (Fair and Equitable) as its motto.


Bandar Metrofulus imposes high taxes on all electric appliances like ovens and refrigerators, which can be controversial if it was implemented in real life. People are not allowed to comment about this. It seems that tax and toll raising (even up to 100%) occurs quite often because the Metrofulusians do not seem surprised about it. The biggest controversy is the price that should be paid to cross the road. Fulus is the fictional currency used in Bandar Metrofulus, a nod to the Malaysian Ringgit.

Klon Technologies which is led by Professor Klon enjoys an exclusive monopoly of science, technology and medical services. The company also receives funding worth millions of fulus to develop more new "vaccines". It also happens that Professor Klon is a crony of the President of Metrofulus. Menara Empayar Klon were located at Jalan Billion.

There is also Kedai Tekstil Metrofulus, which is a textile store.


The two known banking institutions in Bandar Metrofulus are Fulus Bank and Metrofulus Bank.


The Metrofulus Army is responsible for maintaining the city's sovereignty. Its advanced development of their weapons includes explosive chemicals, including one specific prototype that was successfully stolen by a gang named Belalang Kunyit.

The Metrofulus Police is responsible for maintaining public safety. Metrofulus headed by the Commissioner of Police, Commissioner Kahar (Rashidi Ishak). The motto is Amanah dan Cekap (Trustworthy and Reliable). They keep criminals in the Penjara Metrofulus, the Metrofulus Prison.


There is a street in Metrofulus called Jalan Ampas/Jalan Hampas. It was formerly an entertainment hub, but is now a crime hotspot filled by gangs and members of secret societies, including the Semut Merah and the Belalang Kunyit gangs.

Other entertainment venues in Bandar Metrofulus include:

  • Metrofulus Park (adjacent to the beach, which resembles a fun-fair)
  • Metrofulus Plaza and Metro Mall
  • Pasar Jumaat ("Friday Market"), a social and entertainment district.


Metrofulus Hospital is the main hospital for Metrofulus.


Television and radio[edit]

Bandar Metrofulus has three television channels: Channel 6, Metro TV, and Channel 11.

Bandar Metrofulus' radio station is Radio Metrofulus Reality. It also seems to be connected to channels of other countries, including the real life Malaysian TV channel TV3.


Metrofulus has a daily newspaper called Metrofulus Fokus (The Focus on Metrofulus) and Harian Metrofulus.


Bandar Metrofulus also has a complete transportation system. The city has yellow cab services, cable cars, public buses and LRTs which are centralized to Metrofulus Sentral.

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