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Bandhu (1), Sanskrit for friend connected with bandhan or ties which are the connections that, according to the Vedas link the outer and the inner worlds. Vedic texts[which?] speak, for example, of the 360 bones of the fetus that fuse into the 206 bones of the adult (after the 360 days of the year). Recently, the word has been used in a Song of a Bollywood Feature Film " Cocktail ", Where a Man Calls a girl(Tum hi ho Bandhu)he likes and Rates her as an Angel from the outer world Connected to him. It is used commonly in Hindi in the sense of "brother". Synonyms: "Hindi", it may mean bhai" as in "Twamecha Bandhu, sakha twameva", part of the Krishna stotra, where Lord Krishna is being referred to as "brother". In Urdu it takes the meaning of bhai.

Rajiv Malhotra in his book Being Different describes how 'Bandhuta/Bandhu' is an in-built feature of this universe. In the story[1] Prajapati attempts to create the Universe keeping Order and Chaos in dynamic balance. His initial attempts fail because they're too 'Jami'/homogenous or too 'Prthak'/different. Finally he gets the combination just-right, by using the principle of 'Bandhuta'/'Bandhu' i.e. binding together dissimilar things by what is common across all things in the entire creation.

As per Dharma traditions 'Bandhuta' exists in all planes/fields connecting them together. Few noteworthy fields are 'Nrittya'/Dance, 'Sangeet'/Music, 'Jyotish'/Astrology, 'Vastu-Shastra', Yoga, Ayurveda/Medicine.


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