Bandi River

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Bandi River

Bandi is a tributary of the Luni River in Pali district of Rajsthan state of India. It is not to be confused with Badi River in Odisha state. After joining of Khari and Mithari rivers Near Bombadra pickup weir, the river is called Bandi river.

It joins the Luni near the Lakhar village, after flowing for about 45 km. The Hemawas dam is located near Hemawas on this river only. The district headquarters Pali is located on the bank of Bandi only.

Its catchment area is about 1,685 km2 and situated in Pali District.


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Coordinates: 25°15′N 72°56′E / 25.250°N 72.933°E / 25.250; 72.933