Gbandi language

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Native toGuinea, Liberia
Native speakers
ca. 100,000 (2001)[1]
  • Tahamba
  • Wawoma
  • Vukoha
  • Hasala
  • Lukasu
  • Hembeh
Language codes
ISO 639-3bza

The Bandi language, also known as Bande, Gbande, Gbandi and Gbunde, is a Mande language. It is spoken primarily in Lofa County in northern Liberia by the Gbandi people.[3]

Bandi has six dialects: Hasala, Hembeh, Lukasa, Wawana, Wulukoha, and Tahamba, which is the dialect used for literature.[3] The dialects have a lexical similarity of 96% among one another, and 83% with the most similar dialect of the Mende language.[3]

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The Gbandi language has the following dialects: Wawoma, Tahamba, Hembeh, Hassallah, Lukasu and Lukassu.


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