Bandung Cathedral

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Bandung Cathedral
Gereja Katedral Bandung (Indonesian)
St. Peter's Church
Bandung Cathedral Indonesia.jpg
Basic information
Location Jalan Merdeka, Bandung, Indonesia
Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 6°10′9.31″S 106°49′59.23″E / 6.1692528°S 106.8331194°E / -6.1692528; 106.8331194
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Year consecrated 1922
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Cathedral
Architectural description
Architect(s) Charles Prosper Wolff Schoemaker
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Neo-Gothic
Direction of façade West
Completed 1922
Length 40 metres
Width 15 metres
Spire(s) 1

Bandung Cathedral (Indonesian Gereja Katedral Bandung) is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Bandung. Its official name is Katedral Santo Petrus ("St. Peter's Cathedral"). It is located at Jalan Merdeka, Bandung, Indonesia. The building was designed by Charles Prosper Wolff Schoemaker in Neogothic style. Bandung Cathedral has a land area of 2,385 m² and building area of 785 m².[1]

Bandung Cathedral during the colonial period.

The first building of the church was named St. Regis Francis on June 16, 1895. After Bandung received the status of gemeente (municipality) in 1906, it was decided to build a new church building. Construction of the new building was started in 1921. The construction was finished in 1922 and the new Cathedral was blessed on February 19, 1922 by Mgr. E. Luypen.[1]

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