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Bandung metropolitan area

Bandung Raya
View of Central Bandung from the north
View of Central Bandung from the north
Location of Bandung metropolitan area
Coordinates: 6°55′26″S 107°36′23″E / 6.92389°S 107.60639°E / -6.92389; 107.60639Coordinates: 6°55′26″S 107°36′23″E / 6.92389°S 107.60639°E / -6.92389; 107.60639
Country Indonesia
Province West Java
Core cityBandung
Satellite subregionsCimahi
Bandung Regency
West Bandung Regency
 • Total3,280.27 km2 (1,266.52 sq mi)
 • Total8,231,586
 • Density1,781.3/km2 (4,614/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (Indonesia Western Time)
Area codes(62)22
Vehicle signD
Highest elevation 2,608 m/8,556 ft (Mount Kendang, in Bandung Regency)

Greater Bandung (Indonesian: Bandung Raya) is a metropolitan area surrounding the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.[1] It was home to 8.5 million people in 2014 and is composed of regencies and cities previously part of the Dutch East Indies era Central Priangan Residency administration.

Due to ongoing development in urban areas between Bandung, Kertajati International Airport, Aerotropolis and Patimban International Seaport,[2] the West Java provincial government and the Regional Planning Board (BAPPEDA) has prepared and publicized a blueprint for a newly defined Bandung Metropolitan area; with a total area more than 5,500 km2 and a population greater than 11 million people.


Bandung is located in a mountainous plateau region in the central-west portion of West Java province and has the third highest population of any metropolitan area in Indonesia.

Western Java urban corridor[edit]

The Bandung metropolitan area begins less than 20 km from the eastern edge of the metropolitan area of Greater Jakarta ("Jabodetabek") near Cianjur city, and is adjacent (contiguous) with the Jabodetabekjur-Cirangkarta definition for Jakarta's extended metropolitan area at its northern border with Purwakarta Regency. Stretching from Serang Regency in Banten Province to include Greater Bandung, this urban corridor is home to over 44 million people.


The Bandung Metropolitan area was officially defined as covering Bandung Regency and West Bandung Regency (until 2007 part of Bandung Regency), together with the cities of Bandung and Cimahi.[1]

Administrative division Area (km²) 2005[3] Population 2010 Census[4] Population 2015 official estimate Population density (/km² 2015)
Bandung City 167.27 2,394,873 2,481,469 14,835
Cimahi City 39.27 541,177 586,580 14,937
Bandung Regency 1,767.96 3,178,543 3,534,114 1,999
West Bandung Regency 1,305.77 1,510,284 1,629,423 1,248
Metropolitan area 3,280.27 7,624,877 8,231,586 2,509

As subsequently extended, the new metropolitan region includes the entire Sumedang Regency with parts of Subang Regency and Majalengka Regency; and it borders the Cirebon metropolitan area. Together, the two metro areas comprise over 14 million people[5]Sources: (Budan Pusat Statistik 2010, 2015 Census Indonesia)


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