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Bandung Metropolitan Area in West Java province, Urban cities in blue, Suburban Regencies in Red, 3 kecamatan in Sumedang Regency not shown.

Bandung Metropolitan Area (Indonesian: Wilayah Metropolitan Bandung or Bandung Raya) is the metropolitan area surrounds the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.[1] It is home to roughly 8½ million people in 2014.


It is located in a mountainous plateau region in the central-west portion of West Java province. It has the 2nd highest population of any metropolitan area in Indonesia. West Bandung Regency was carved out of Bandung Regency in 2007.

Western Java Urban Corridor[edit]

The metropolitan area lies less than 20 km from the eastern edge of the metropolitan area of Greater Jakarta ("Jabodetabek") near Cianjur city, and is adjacent (contiguous) with Jabodetabekjur-Cirangkarta definition for Jakarta's extended metropolitan area at its northern border with Purwakarta Regency. Beginning in Serang Regency of Banten Province, the urban corridor which Greater Bandung is a part of, is home to over 44 million people.


It is officially defined as covering Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency (formerly part of Bandung Regency), and 3 kecamatan (districts) of Sumedang Regency (Jatinangor, Cimanggung, and Tanjungsari kecamatan), together with the cities of Bandung and Cimahi.[1] As many in Indonesia still go by one name as in tradition, the country is facing a major overhaul of its identification cards (id:Kartu Tanda Penduduk elektronik), new data is challenging 2010 population census figures, however the accuracy vis-a-vis the census remains unknown.

Administrative division Area (km²) 2005 Population 2010 Census[2] Population 2011 SIAK Database[3] Population 2014 official estimate (BPS) Population density (/km² 2010)[4]
Bandung City 167.27 2,394,873 2,536,649 2,575,478 14,125
Cimahi City 39.27 541,177 606,699 581,989 13,134
Bandung Regency 1,767.96 3,178,543 3,672,994 3,418,246 1,801
West Bandung Regency* 1,305.77 1,510,284 1,854,159 1,624,179 1,159
3 Kecamatan in Sumedang Regency* 112.00 264,342 n/a n/a 2,359
Metropolitan Area 3,392.27 7,889,219 8,670,501 8,199,892 2,325.65

sources: (Budan Pusat Statistik 2010 Census Indonesia)


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