Baner–Pashan Link Road

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Map of Baner-Pashan Link road area

The Baner–Pashan Link Road (BPLR) is a residential area along the road of same name in Pune. The link road connects the suburbs of Pashan and Baner. This road starts at the intersection of Balaji chowk on the Sus Road, goes towards the T-junction of Athashri and then turns right at Camelia before finally ending up to Hotel Mahabaleshwar at Baner Road. The residential housing complexes have spawned on both sides of road. Geographically this area is sandwiched between Baner Hill and Ram Nadi (a tributary of Mula river).

Balaji Chowk to Paranjape Athashri[edit]

The road is pre-dominantly lined with residential apartments that have come up since 2003 and later. Some of these include Orange County, Colina Vista, Padmavilas, Paranjape Athashri, etc. There is an HDFC Bank ATM and several small grocery stores, hotels ( Saffron, etc.) at T-junction of Athashri. Ipas Maharashtra state office is also located on this road just behind HDFC bank ATM.

Branch from Paranjape Athashri towards Someshwarwadi[edit]

At Athashri, a branch of BPLR goes towards Someshwarwadi. Some of the residential societies along this branch are Paranjape Ojas, Paranjape Magnolia, Montvert Biaritz, Kumar Sahwas & Felicia. Other residential societies on inside of this branch are Paranjape Crystal Garden, Valencia, Whispering winds. Kumar Sahwas houses few commercial shops.

Paranjape Athashri to Baner Road[edit]

Paved second section of Baner-Pashan Link road from Rolling Hills to Magnolia via Crystal Garden

From T-junction, about a km down near Paranjape Camelia, the road takes a sharp right turn and goes towards one of the starting points to the Baner Hill trek. The road then continues towards Ram Nadi and there are residential apartment complexes like the Rolling Hills and a few more. There are some commercial shops, restaurants and a new mall on this road. Kolte Patil Nano Space is office building on this road. Camelia also has commercial building that houses CalSoft. The road eventually meets the Baner road near Symantec office. Baner road leads to the National Highway 4 (India) on one side and goes towards Aundh (Pune) and University of Pune circle on the other. There is a new Subway (restaurant) outlet - at this point.

There are quite a number of eat out joints and restaurants in this section of the road, notable are Volare, US Pizza, Curry Leaves, Tsai Shen Yeh, Grapevine Cafe, Chilli Garlic etc.

Regent Plaza is a large commercial building on this road, retail shops, offices of various software companies, consultancies are based here. IBM/Lenovo Laptop Service Partner(Wysetek) is also located here.

Coordinates: 18°33′19.44″N 73°47′51.7″E / 18.5554000°N 73.797694°E / 18.5554000; 73.797694