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Industry Internet pornography
Headquarters Miami, Florida, USA

Bang Bus is a reality pornography website that is part of the Bangbros network run by Kristopher Hinson and Penn Davis's company, Ox Ideas. The two are friends who attended school together.[1] Greg Entner (known as "Sanchez" or "Dirty Sanchez") worked for the company as a scene director and camera operator and has appeared in most Bang Bus episodes. The videos, mostly 24–40 minutes long, are shot by Entner in gonzo pornography style and are also known for their humorous approach.


Each video consists of a typical everyperson, usually a woman, who is "picked up on the street," and is then persuaded to engage in sexual intercourse in the back of a van (usually while it's driving) - the titular Bang Bus. Each storyline usually ends with the person being dropped off unpaid and in the wrong location, shouting at the men as they drive off laughing. In some videos, the focus is on a "guest", usually a professional female performer, with the amateur performers being male instead. The series is shot primarily in Miami, Florida.


On October 14, 2004, Miami New Times published an investigation of the site based primarily on interviews with a woman who performed for the site to pay for an abortion. She says that instead of paying her directly, the company wrote the $1200 check to her ex-boyfriend, the father of the child, who kept the money and disappeared.[2]

On November 18, 2004, the South Florida news station and website WPLG ran a video segment and article revealing the staged nature[clarification needed] of the videos,[3] as admitted by a Bang Bus videographer. They also ran a follow-up in which they asked police whether the activities depicted on the Bang Bus site are illegal. The police responded that they were not, because the van's windows are tinted to avoid violation of indecent exposure laws and because the women consented.[4]


Bang Bus was awarded "Best Amateur Release" and "Best Amateur Series" at the 2006 AVN Awards.[5] Bang Bus 9 won the 'Best Amateur Release' at the 2007 AVN awards.[6] The series also won "Best Gonzo Series" at the 2008 AVN Awards and "Best Pro-Am Series" at the 2009 AVN Awards.[7][8]


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