Bang Khen station

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Bang Khen

201701 Nameboard of Bang Khen Station.jpg
LocationLat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand
Coordinates13°50′49″N 100°33′39″E / 13.846947°N 100.560729°E / 13.846947; 100.560729Coordinates: 13°50′49″N 100°33′39″E / 13.846947°N 100.560729°E / 13.846947; 100.560729
Owned byState Railway of Thailand (SRT)
Line(s)SRT Dark Red Line
Other information
Station codeบข.
Preceding station   SRT Red Lines   Following station
toward Rangsit
SRT Dark Red Line
toward Maha Chai

Bang Khen Station is a railway station in Bangkok.

It is located in the historical area of Bang Khen but not in the present-day Bang Khen district. It is located in Chatuchak district since Chatuchak separated from Bang Khen district in 1989.[1]

Station layout[edit]

SRT Dark Red Line[edit]

Platform 2  SRT  (under construction) towards Rangsit (Thung Song Hong)
Island platform
Platform 1  SRT  (under construction) ← towards Maha Chai (Wat Samian Nari)


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