Bang Na Expressway

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Bang Na Expressway
km.0 Bang Na Intersection(Connection with

Chaloem Maha Nakhon Expressway)

km.2.5 Bang Na km.2 Entry/Exit
km.4 Wat Si Iam Junction
km.6 Bang Na km.6 Toll Plaza
km.7 Bang Kaeo Entry/Exit
km.9 Wat Salut Intersection / Kanchanaphisek Road Entry/Exit
km.11 Bang Phli 1 Entry/Exit
km.12 King Kaeo Intersection
km.13 Bang Phli 2 Entry/Exit
km.15 Suvarnabhumi Airport Entry/Exit
km.18 Mueang Mai Bang Phli Entry/Exit
km.25 Bang Bo 1 Entry/Exit
km.28 Bang Bo 2 Entry/Exit
km.34 Bang Sao Thong Entry/Exit
km.39 Bang Wua 1 Entry/Exit
km.42 Bang Wua 2 Entry/Exit
km.45 Bang Pakong 1 Entry/Exit
km.46 Klong Om Junction
km.48 Bang Pakong 2 Entry/Exit
km.50 Bang Pakong River
km.54 Chonburi Toll Plaza
km.54 Chonburi Entry/Exit

The Bang Na Expressway (full name: Bang Na - Bang Phli - Bang Pakong Expressway), officially Burapha Withi Expressway (Thai: ทางพิเศษบูรพาวิถี), is a 55 km[1] long six-lane elevated highway in Thailand. It is a toll road and runs above National Highway route 34, (Bang Na–Trat Highway) owned by the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT).

The highway is  elevated onto a viaduct that has an average span length of 42 meters. It is a 27-meter wide box girder bridge and was completed in January 2000. It took 1,800,000 cubic meters of concrete to build the bridge. The structure was built using a design-build contracting method. The columns and superstructure were designed by Jean M. Muller (U.S.) and the alignment and foundations were designed by Asian Engineering Consultants (Thailand). The owner's engineer was Louis Berger Group (U.S.) and the project was built by a joint venture of Bilfinger + Berger (Germany) and Ch. Karnchang (Thailand).[2]

There are two toll plazas on the elevated structure where the structure must widen to accommodate twelve lanes. The toll system is done by Kapsch TrafficCom AB (Sweden).[3]

It is one of the longest bridges in the world (until 2010 it was the longest) but it is excluded from some lists since it does not cross a body of water for most of its length. The largest body of water that it crosses is the Bang Pakong River.

Bang Na-Bang Pakong Road

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