Bang Pahan District

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Bang Pahan
Amphoe location in Ayutthaya Province
Amphoe location in Ayutthaya Province
Coordinates: 14°27′45″N 100°32′41″E / 14.46250°N 100.54472°E / 14.46250; 100.54472Coordinates: 14°27′45″N 100°32′41″E / 14.46250°N 100.54472°E / 14.46250; 100.54472
Country Thailand
Province Ayutthaya
Seat Bang Pahan
Tambon 17
Muban 94
 • Total 121.9 km2 (47.1 sq mi)
Population (2000)
 • Total 38,799
 • Density 318.3/km2 (824/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 13220
Geocode 1407

Bang Pahan (Thai: บางปะหัน, pronounced [bāːŋ pā.hǎn]) is a district (amphoe) in the northern part of Ayutthaya Province.


The district was originally named Nakhon Luang Nai, but was renamed in 1916 to Bang Pahan as the name of the central tambon.

The Phuan people from Vientiane who migrated around this area in the reign of King Rama II established the settlement. They also built a windmill in their village, thus the village was named Ban Kanghan after the Thai word for windmill (Kanghan, กังหัน). The name was later corrupted by misspellings to Pahan.


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Maha Rat, Nakhon Luang, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and Bang Ban of Ayutthaya province, and Pa Mok of Ang Thong Province.


The district is divided into 17 sub-districts tambon, which are further subdivided into 94 villages muban. The township (thesaban tambon) of Bang Pahan covers tambon Khwan Mueang and parts of the tambon Bang Pahan and Bang Nang Ra.

No. Name Thai Villages
1. Bang Pahan บางปะหัน 07
2. Khayai ขยาย 06
3. Bang Duea บางเดื่อ 06
4. Sao Thong เสาธง 05
5. Thang Klang ทางกลาง 04
6. Bang Phloeng บางเพลิง 03
7. Hansang หันสัง 07
8. Bang Nang Ra บางนางร้า 05
9. Ta Nim ตานิม 04
10. Thap Nam ทับน้ำ 05
11. Ban Ma บ้านม้า 04
12. Khwan Mueang ขวัญเมือง 05
13. Ban Li บ้านลี่ 05
14. Pho Sam Ton โพธิ์สามต้น 08
15. Phutlao พุทเลา 12
16. Tan En ตาลเอน 03
17. Ban Khlo บ้านขล้อ 05