Bangalore Hockey Stadium

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Bangalore Hockey Stadium
KSHA Hockey Stadium
Full name Karnataka State Hockey Association Hockey Stadium
Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Owner Karnataka State Hockey Association
Capacity 7,000
World Series Hockey

Bangalore Hockey Stadium, also known as KSHA Hockey Stadium, is a field hockey stadium at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is the home of the Karnataka Lions of the World Series Hockey. It has a seating 7,000 capacity of people.

The stadium hosted seven home matches of Karnataka Lions in World Series Hockey. It will also host the first semi-final of World Series Hockey in 2012.


Akkithimmanhalli lake was breached in the 1970s as part of a Malaria Eradication Drive and the Hockey stadium constructed in its place.

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Coordinates: 12°57′42″N 77°36′02″E / 12.961684°N 77.600642°E / 12.961684; 77.600642