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Bangalore Queer Film Festival
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LocationBangalore, India

The Bangalore Queer Film Festival is an annual LGBT event that has been held in Bangalore, India since the year 2008. The event carefully selects queer films from all over the world and brings them to an ever-growing Bangalore audience.[1]


BQFF came into existence in the year 2008. Since its inception, it has become an entrenched part of the cultural landscape of Bangalore. The festival serves as a space for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) concerns to be voiced through the medium of moving image. BQFF focuses on both straightforward LGBT films and wildly queer and radical films.[1]

BQFF 2014[edit]

The BQFF is a go-to festival for South India’s cinema lovers and has seen thousands of viewers during past screenings. It also hosts filmmakers and producers from around the world and provides opportunities for new collaborations in cinema. The Bangalore Queer Film Festival (BQFF) held its 6th edition in February 2014. It celebrated cinema on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, hijra, intersex (LGBT) and other sexual and gender minorities in India. As one of the more popular queer film festivals in India, BQFF showcased over 50 international films, a photo exhibition, panel discussions on important issues and cultural performances. The festival was held over 3 days at the Alliance Française de Bangalore, Vasanthnagar.[2] The festival in 2014 was spread over three days, and was the biggest ever with 91 films from 24 countries that were screened. There was music, dance and poetry recitation in the evening, drawing not only for members of the LGBT community but also their allies in the IT city.[3]

BQFF 2014 Film Screenings[edit]

The Film screenings happened across three days during 28 February and 1–2 March 2014. Below is a list of the films that were screened.[4]

28 February 2014
Film Title Country Timing
Margaritas Serbia 09:30 am
Telling Tales South Africa 09:46 am
Breaking out of the Box South Africa
Damned If You Don't US
Chaleur Humaine (Human Warmth) Belgium
Beyond Binary India
Partir (Leaving) Portugal
Blush France
Muro (Wall) Spain
You are my Brother India
Rue Curiol (Curiol Street) France
Angel France/Eucador
Aan Poovu (Male Flower) India
Bioscope India
Waiting in wilderness India
Milk & Vodka Australia
La Santa(The Blessed) Chile
Knighthood Taiwan
The Kiss Poland
Mia Argentina
Joaquin La Habana: Living between worlds Germany
The Brave Unseen South Africa
Somagwaza South Africa
Acceptance India
Rotula (Label) Brazil
Rainbow Popcorn Taiwan
One Zero One: The Story of Cybersissy and Babyjane Germany
Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement US
Kuch Palon Mein(In some moments) India
Irene Brazil
Aquaporko! Australia
Her name is Sowmya India
1 March 2014
Film Title Country Timing
Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers US 09:30 am
The Beginning Russia 10:30 am
Feel Lost Spain
Morning France
Kuch Palon Mein(In some moments) India
Boy Denmark
Transgressions India
Accsex India
Mumbai Police India
Nubes Flotantes(Wandering Clouds) USA/Mexico
Brother and Sister US
Pas US
Frangipani Sri Lanka
In Berlin we die alone Germany/Romania
Still Black: A portrait of black Transmen US
The Invisible Men Israel/The Netherlands
Paper Flowers India
EDSAXXX Philippines
Chuppan Chupai (Hide and Seek) Denmark/Pakistan
Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years(1984-1992) Germany
Damned If You Don't US
Joie! Canada
And You Thought You Knew Me India
Disrupted Spain
Rotulo(Label) Brazil
Acceptance India
Aquaporko! Australia
Rainbows Are Real India
Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas US
... Ebang Bewarish ("... and the unclaimed") India
Just Two Steps Away India
The Falceto Jazz Club Australia
PR - Public Relations India
Scaffolding Spain
Irene Brazil
The Egg Australia
Cannibales(Cannibals) Spain
I've Only Just Begun Finland
The Language Of Love Australia
Mecs Meufs (Guys Girls) France
Ink Deep France
Out In East Berlin Germany
Miniatures Spain
Angel France/Ecuador
Kusum India
Meghadhanushya: The Colour Of Life India
Rules Of The Road US
Verona Brazil
The Invisible Men Israel/The Netherlands
Partil(Leaving) Portugal
Change Over Time US
Chaleur Humaine (Human Warmth) Belgium
Mondo Sopra La Testa (The World Above Head) Italy
Knightwood Taiwan
The Kiss Poland
XXY Argentina
Grace Israel
Still Black: A portrait of Black Transmen US

BQFF 2016[edit]

The 2016 edition of the Bengaluru Queer Film Festival was organised from 26 to 28 February. Over the course of these three days, films included:[5]

Film Title Country
In Black and White Canada
Ten Cents a Dance: Parallax Canada
Kipling Meets the Cowboys Canada

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