Bangers and Mash (TV series)

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Bangers and Mash
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 24
Running time 5 min.
Original network CITV
Original release 5 July – 1 September 1989

Bangers and Mash was a British children's cartoon series broadcast on CITV in 1989, and repeated until around 1993. The series consisted of 24 five-minute episodes.


The series revolved around the adventures of two chimpanzees, Bangers and Mash. The series' narration and character voices were provided by Jonathan Kydd, and the incidental music and theme tune were written and performed by Chas & Dave.

Bangers and Mash were troublemakers and through wanting to have fun, would cause grief for other people, namely making a mess or breaking something of importance, normally belonging to their parents (or Gran, who also lives with them). Like all the inhabitants of their island, they live in a house built on top of a tree (their address being No. 3 Tree Street).

Other characters of significance on the show include Bangers' and Mash's parents, their grandmother, their dog Mick, their friend Petal (who would often physically hurt them if their antics annoyed her too much), their teacher Mrs. Chum (who often resorts to the same punishment; making them write their ABC's ten times) and the local witch, Mrs. Snitchnose; a rat-like creature with a long nose with hairs coming on the end of it.

The characters first appeared in a small series of reading books that were used in schools in the 1980s.

Transmission guide[edit]

  • Series 1: 24 editions from 5 July 1989 – 1 September 1989

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