Banggai Island

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Banggai Island
Banggai Islands Topography.png
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 1°37′S 123°34′E / 1.617°S 123.567°E / -1.617; 123.567
Area 268 km2 (103 sq mi)
Population 37,155 (2010 Census)
Pop. density 138.6 /km2 (359 /sq mi)

Banggai Island is the second largest of the Banggai Islands, an archipelago located at the far eastern end of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The largest island is Peleng, smaller islands of the group are Bowokan, Labobo, Kebongan, Kotudan, Tropettenando, Timpau, Salue Besar, Salue Kecil, Masepe, and Bangkulu.

Banggai Island has an area of 268 square kilometres (103 sq mi) and a population of 37,155 (2010 census).