Bangkalan Regency

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Bangkalan Regency
(Kabupaten Bangkalan)
locator of Bangkalan Regency
locator of Bangkalan Regency
Country  Indonesia
Province East Java
Capital Bangkalan
 • Regent Makmun bin Fuad

Bangkalan Regency is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) of East Java province in Indonesia. The seat of its government is Bangkalan. The regency is located on the west side of Madura Island, bordering with Sampang Regency to the east, Java Sea to the north and Madura Strait to the west and the south sides. It covers an area of 1,001.44 km2, and had a population of 906,761 at the 2010 Census (an increase from 805,048 at the previous census in 2000); the latest official estimate (for January 2014) is 932,232.

In 2009, the Suramadu Bridge was completed, being the first (toll) bridge ever to connect Java and Madura islands. The Suramadu Bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia. Previously, Kamal port is the main gateway between Madura island and Java, where ferries serve the port with the Ujung port nearby Surabaya, but today people use more toll bridge than ferries, so now only a few ferries serve it in day time only.

Bangkalan Regency is included in the Gerbangkertosusila development regions, an extended region of Surabaya industrial areas.

Administrative Districts[edit]

Bangkalan Regency consists of eighteen districts (kecamatan), tabulated below:[1]

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Coordinates: 7°03′S 112°56′E / 7.050°S 112.933°E / -7.050; 112.933