Bangkok Girl

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Bangkok Girl
Directed by Jordan Clark
Produced by Jordan Clark
Release date
November 2005
Running time
43 minutes
Country Canada
Language English
Budget $10,000

Bangkok Girl is a documentary film that was both produced and directed by Jordan Clark.[1] It is a low-budget film,[2] having cost $10,000 to produce,[3] and takes sex tourism in Bangkok as its subject.[2] Bangkok Girl is 43 minutes long and focuses on Pla, a bargirl who is 19 years old and who guides Clark through the city.[4] The film explores Pla's background and how she came to be where she is.[5] Pla began working as a bargirl at the age of 13, and, while she had managed to avoid being forced into prostitution up until the point that the documentary was filmed, the film suggests that she will eventually be forcibly prostituted.[6] In November 2005, the film aired on "The Lens", a program on Canada's CBC Television.[7] Sweden's Sveriges Television also aired the film.[8]


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