Bangkok Marathon

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Bangkok Marathon
Bangkok Marathon logo 2015.gif
Logo of Bangkok Marathon
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Event typeRoad
DistanceMarathon, Half marathon
Primary sponsorBDMS
Course recordsMen: 2:16:10 (2010)
Kenya Kennedy Lilan
Women: 2:41:37 (2012)
Kenya Elizabeth Chemweno
Official siteBangkok Marathon
Participants1,608 (2019)
2,566 (2018)

Bangkok Marathon, officially BDMS Bangkok Marathon, is the marathon held annually in Bangkok, Thailand.[1][2] The marathon is recognized by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).[3]


Bangkok Dusit Medical Services is the title sponsor of the marathon. The organizers of the marathon are the National Jogging Association of Thailand and local event management company Amazing Field.[4] The race is also recognized by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).[3]

Participants and events[edit]

More than 33,000 runners participated in the 2015 edition. Along with full and half marathons, 10 km and 5 km races were also held.[4]


The course passes many historical landmarks of cultural and ethnic importance. The marathon starts and finishes in front of The Royal Grand Palace at Sanam Chai Road. The race course is sanctioned by The Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the Amateur Athletic Association of Thailand (IAAF Rules).[5]

In 2013, the course of the half marathon was changed at the last minute because of concurrent Bangkok street protests which reduced the distance of the half marathon from 21.1 km (13.1 miles) to 19.7 km (12.2 miles).[6] In 2015, the half marathon was accidentally extended from 21.1 km (13.1 miles) to 27.6 km (17.1 miles). According to organisers, the increase was due to the race officials directing runners to take a turn at the wrong place which added over 3 km extra to each of the two laps.[2][4] The mistake sparked humour and outcry in the social and news media. The Guardian called it "world's longest half marathon".[1] Some comments on social media called it a "Super Half Marathon", while some called it a byproduct of "race inflation".[1] Organizers apologized for the mistake and decided to offer a T-shirt saying "Finisher of 27.6 km" to participants who completed the "half marathon".[7][8] In addition to the half-marathon error, runners in the 10 km race reported that their GPS watches measured that race's length as approximately 9.7 km.[6]

Past results[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1987  Eddy Hellebuyck (BEL) 2:23:55  Yuko Gordon (HKG) 2:57:40
2nd 1988  Yoshihiro Hiramori (JPN) 2:18:10  Yuko Gordon (HKG) 2:52:37
3rd 1989  Doug Kurtis (USA) 2:20:15  Cesarina Taroni (ITA) 2:47:53
4th 1990  Doug Kurtis (USA) 2:27:30  Victoria Bunard (MYA) 2:55:15
5th 1991  Doug Kurtis (USA) 2:25:20  Suzanne Ray (USA) 2:48:52
6th 1992  Phillip (MYA) 2:25:24  Lucy Ramwell (GBR) 2:48:28
7th 1993  Daniel Shungea (KEN) 2:23:18  Suman Rawat (IND) 2:58:28
8th 1994  Daniel Shungea (KEN) 2:22:04  Ren Xiujuan (CHN) 2:49:21
9th 1995  Daniel Shungea (KEN) 2:28:35  Rigzen Angmo (IND) 2:51:14
10th 1996  Daniel Shungea (KEN) 2:25:24  Tian Mei (CHN) 2:44:30
1997 Not held
11th 1998  Michael Mukoma (KEN) 2:18:59  Wioletta Uryga (POL) 2:53:00
12th 1999  Michael Mukoma (KEN) 2:21:30  Wioletta Uryga (POL) 2:46:40
13th 2000  Vladimir Kotov (BLR) 2:31:11  Sunisa Sailomyen (THA) 2:54:01
14th 2001  Vladimir Kotov (BLR) 2:26:55  Wioletta Kryza (POL) 2:48:30
15th 2002  Jason Mayeroff (USA) 2:27:46  Natalya Volgina (RUS) 2:54:05
16th 2003  Rik Ceulemans (BEL) 2:24:34  Sunisa Sailomyen (THA) 2:59:31
17th 2004  John Sitienei (KEN) 2:22:53  Lillian Chelimo (KEN) 2:57:48
18th 2005  John Sitienei (KEN) 2:23:57  Saiphon Piawong (THA) 3:02:01
19th 2006  John Sitienei (KEN) 2:28:02  Wioletta Uryga (POL) 2:56:50
20th 2007  John Tubei (KEN) 2:18:27  Fridah Lodepa (KEN) 2:51:42
21st 2008  Nelson Rotich (KEN) 2:19:13  Sunisa Sailomyen (THA) 2:48:23
22nd 2009  Francis Kibii (KEN) 2:16:41  Ecler Loywapet (KEN) 2:43:49
23rd 2010  Kennedy Lilian (KEN) 2:16:10  Fridah Lodepa (KEN) 2:42:47
2011 Not held
24th 2012 (Feb)  Patrick Rotich (KEN) 2:18:31  Elizabeth Chemweno (KEN) 2:41:37
25th 2012 (Nov)  John Samoei (KEN) 2:30:24  Everline Nyama (KEN) 2:50:12
26th 2013  John Samoei (KEN) 2:30:27  Sunisa Sailomyen (THA) 3:02:31
27th 2014  Lukas Muteti (KEN) 2:33:52  Arpassara Prasarthinpimai (THA) 3:15:00
28th 2015  Nelson Kiptoo (KEN) 2:35:45  Arpassara Prasarthinpimai (THA) 3:12:03
2016 Not held
29th 2017  Peter Kipleting (KEN) 2:26:13  Mahlet Shewangizaw (ETH) 2:52:42
30th 2018  Wendwesen Tilahun (ETH) 2:26:39  Julia Njari (KEN) 2:53:31
31st 2019  Philip Lagat (KEN) 2:33:55  Etaferahu Dubale (ETH) 2:55:14


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