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MRT Pink Line
รถไฟฟ้าโมโนเรล สายสีชมพู
Type Straddle-beam Monorail
System Bangkok Metro
Status Approved
Locale Bangkok & Nonthaburi Province, Thailand
Termini Khae Rai
Min Buri
Stations 30 (planned)
Opened 2019-2020 (est.)
Owner Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
Operator(s) BSR Joint Venture
Including BTS Group Public Company Limited,
Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction PLC,
and Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Hldg.
Line length 34.5 kilometers (21.4 mi) (est.)
Number of tracks 2 monorail tracks
Electrification Third rail
Operating speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
Route map
Nonthaburi Civic Center  MRT 
 MRT : Bangkok Noi - Sammakon
Khae Rai
Sanambin Nam
Pak Kret
Liang Mueang Pak Kret
Mueang Thong Thani
Si Rat
Mongkut Wattana
Bangkok Government Complex
Lak SiBSicon exTRAM.svg
 BTS : Lam Lukka - Bang Pu
Phranakhon Rajabhat
Lak Si RoundaboutBSicon exBOOT.svg
Chao Phraya River
Lat Pla Khao
Rarmintra Government Housing
VacharapholBSicon exTRAM.svg
 MRT : Phutthamonthon Sai 4 - Tha Phra (transfer to Issaraphap)
Bago River
Khan Na Yao
Siam Park City
Bang Chan
Setthabut Bamphen
MinburiBSicon exTRAM.svg
 MRT : Taling Chan - Suwinthawong

The Pink MRT line is a planned elevated mass rapid transit line to be built in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 35.5 km long Pink line will have 30 stations and will be a monorail line. It will run in the northern part of the city from east Bangkok in Minburi Bangkok along Ram Inthra Road to west Bangkok(Pak Kret district, Nonthaburi Province)
Chaeng Watthana Road and Tiwanon Road ending at The Nonthaburi Government Center. At the terminus there will be an interchange with the currently under construction MRT Purple Line and the proposed MRT Brown Line which is currently under evaluation.

The line will also transfer with the SRT Dark Red Line which is under construction, the planned BTS Sukhumvit Line extension to Lam Lukka, the planned BMA Grey Line in the future and interchange with the MRT Orange Line. As such, it will be an important cross city link in the northern area of Bangkok & Nonthaburi linking 5 lines along a major transport corridor.

List of planned stations[edit]

Originally, the line was to have 24 stations, 4 of which will be transfer stations and 2 of which will be "park & ride" stations. However, 6 new stations were added in mid 2012 for a total of 30 stations.

The line will also have 2 additional service stations for train maintenance.

Code Name No. of Platform Transfer(s) Province
Pk1 Nonthaburi Civic Center 4  MRT   MRT  Nonthaburi
Pk2 Khae Rai 2
Pk3 Sanam Bin Nam 2
Pk4 Samakkhi 2
Pk5 Chonlaprathan 2
Pk6 Pak Kret 2
Pk7 Liang Mueang Pak Kret 2
Pk8 Chaeng Wattana-Pak Kret 28 2
Pk9 Mueang Thong Thani 2
Pk10 Si Rat 2
Pk11 Mongkut Watthana 2 Bangkok
Pk12 Bangkok Government Complex 2
Pk13 TOT & MICT 2
Pk14 Lak Si 4  SRT 
Pk15 Phranakhon Rajabhat 2
Pk16 Wongwian Lak Si 4  BTS 
Pk17 Ram Inthra 3 2
Pk18 Lat Pla Khao 2
Pk19 Ram Inthra 31 2
Pk20 Raminthra Government Housing 2
Pk21 Watcharaphon 4  BMA 
Pk22 Ram Inthra 40 2
Pk23 Nawamin 2
Pk24 Ram Inthra 83 2
Pk25 Khan Na Yao 2
Pk26 Siam Park City 2
Pk27 Bang Chan 2
Pk28 Setthabut Bamphen 2
Pk29 Sihaburanukit 2
Pk30 Min Buri 4  MRT 


The Pink Line was originally intended to be a heavy rail line but this was changed to dual-track monorail in 2008 on the basis that construction costs would be cheaper. The director-general of the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning had previously stated said in an interview that the pink line was considered a priority scheme to be completed by 2017-18, as it ran past the then recently opened Government Complex.[1] A review in early 2012 was undertaken to consider the heavy rail option again. However, it was decided to proceed with the mono rail plan on the basis that the overall cost would be cheaper than heavy rail. The review of the line also resulted in the addition of 6 extra stations. The environmental impact assessment for the MRT Pink Line was finalised in late 2012. In late 2012, a request to extend the planned line east by 3.4 km from the Minburi terminus along Suwinthawongse rd to Nong Chok was submitted.[2] However, this will not be implemented at this stage. The expected cost of the line with the additional 6 extra stations is 55 billion baht.[3]

The Pink line was due to be tendered in the 3rd quarter of 2013 with construction due to commence in early 2014.[4] However, delays in preparation of the tender in relation to the selection of monorail rolling stock and subsequent political protests resulting in a snap national election in early Feb 2014, further delayed the Pink Line tender.[5] A subsequent coup in May 2014 resulted in a new military administration and the tender being deferred for 2014. More likely, the tender will not be ready until mid 2015 according to the MRTA.

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