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A ship at Khlong Toei Port

Bangkok Port (Thai: ท่าเรือกรุงเทพ) (BKP), popularly known as Khlong Toei Port (ท่าเรือคลองเตย), is an international port on the Chao Phraya River in Khlong Toei District of the Thai capital city, Bangkok.[1] It is operated by the Port Authority of Thailand. It was Thailand's main international port from its opening in 1947 until it was superseded by the deep-sea Laem Chabang Port in 1991. It is primarily a cargo port, though its inland location limits access to ships of 12,000 deadweight tonnes or less. The port handled 11,936,855 tonnes (13,158,130 tons) of cargo in the first eight months of the 2010 fiscal year, about 22 percent the total of the country's international ports.[2][3]

Bangkok Port is one of the world's 100 busiest container ports. The port also offers a conventional quay for loading and unloading cargo.[4]

Constructed on a loan from the World Bank, the port boomed during the 1950s. To meet growing traffic, Kloeng Toey port saw massive expansion in the early 1980s. It handled 98 percent of Thailand's imports, 60 percent of outgoing goods, and 40 percent of coastal traffic. Despite attempts to improve port infrastructure, the port remained inadequate. Thus the Port of Laem Chabang was built, reducing Bangkok Port's tonnage. Although the port's flow of imports has gone down by 40 percent, post-1995 export cargo volume has remained at a satisfactory level.[5]


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