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Bangla TV
BanglaTV Logo
Launched 1999
Slogan Bengali: আপনার ভাষায় কথা বলে - Apnar bhashay kotha bole
English: Speaks your language
Country United Kingdom
Headquarters Hackney Wick, London
Sky Channel 821
Astra 2F 12663 H 22000 5/6

Bangla TV is a UK-based satellite television channel, established by the British Bangladeshis targeting the Bengali speaking people in the United Kingdom, and in Europe.


Launched in 1999, Bangla TV was the first Bengali language television channel in the UK. It operated as a subscription-only channel until 2005, following the arrival of Channel S, a rival channel providing a free-to-air service targeting its programming specifically for the Bengali Sylheti community in the UK. Following the launch of Channel S, Bangla TV also switched over to a non-subscription based model and to date have been providing the service free.

Temporary removals[edit]

Bangla TV was removed from Sky channel 786 on 1 July 2010,[1] before returning on 9 July, no explanation was provided. Bangla TV was again removed from the Sky EPG during December 2010 before being found in serious breach of Ofcom rules.[2] The channel returned again on 17 June 2011,[3] under new management.[4] Bangla TV was again removed from the Sky EPG during December 2013 and January 2014 before returning on 10 February 2014. It was again removed on 7 August 2014.


Since the arrival of Channel S, there has been rivalry between the two channels. Bangla TV had previously been the monopoly provider and as a result had broadcast many UK community based events such as the Baishakhi Mela, Bangladesh Film Awards and Pitha Uthshob. Pitha Utshob is the biggest.

Popular programmes[edit]

  • Live 4 Life - Presented By Dr Md Zaker Ullah

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