Bangladesh–Fiji relations

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Bangladesh-Fiji relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Fiji



Bangladesh–Fiji relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Fiji. Fiji recognized Bangladesh on January 31, 1972.[1] Diplomatic relations between the two countries were officially started in 2003.[2] The two countries are common members of the Commonwealth. In 2013, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh urged the Fijian government to steer the country towards democracy.[3]



Bangladesh and Fiji are considering signing a memorandum of understanding on agricultural development through which Bangladesh will provide its agricultural technology to Fiji.[4]


In 2014, Fiji signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bangladesh Rugby Union to help develop rugby in Bangladesh. The assistance is set to commence with the Fiji-Bangladesh Friendship Rugby tournament to be held in February 2015.[5]


Both Bangladesh and Fiji have shown deep interest in expanding the bilateral economic activities between the two countries. Because of the efficient business registration procedures in Fiji Bangladeshi investors have shown their interest to invest in Fiji.[6] The textiles industries has been identified as a potential sector for Bangladeshi businessmen to invest in Fiji.[7] Other potential sectors include medical, information and communication technology.[8][9]

In 2007 the Bangladesh High Commissioner to Fiji met with Fiji's Health Minister to discuss bulk export of Bangladeshi pharmaceuticals.[10]


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