Bangladesh–France relations

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Bangladesh–France relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and France



Bangladesh–France relations relate to the foreign relationship between Bangladesh and France.


Embassy of Bangladesh in Paris

The French first arrived in Bangladesh during the late 17th century. They maintained trading posts in Dhaka and other cities.[1] In 1757, France sent a contingent of troops to Bangladesh to fight against the British in the Battle of Plassey.[2]

High level visits[edit]

In 1990, French President François Mitterrand paid an official visit to Bangladesh. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid an official visit to Paris in 1999. Former Bangladesh Foreign Ministers Morshed Khan and Dipu Moni paid official visits to France in 2006 and 2010 respectively.[3]

Cultural relations[edit]

Alliance Française has been promoting French culture in Bangladesh since 1959.[4] French archaeologists have been working on the excavation of Mahasthangarh since 1993 and have made a number of important discoveries.[5]

Economic relations[edit]

As of 2012, the bilateral trade between the two countries stood at $1.647 billion of which Bangladesh's export to France amounts to $1.513 billion. Bangladesh mainly exports knitwear, woven garments, frozen food, Agri products, leather, jute and jute goods to France. France's main export items include chemical products, electronics, transport products, wood and paper.[6]

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