Bangladesh–Malawi relations

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Bangladesh-Malawi relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Malawi



Bangladesh–Malawi relations are the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Malawi. Neither country has a resident ambassador. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were officially established in 2012 primarily due to former Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika's desire to build strong relations with Bangladesh.[1] Both the countries are members of Group of 77 and Commonwealth of Nations.

Areas of cooperation[edit]

Areas of cooperation have been identified in trade and social development. As Malawi is a major producer of cotton which is an essential raw material for Bangladesh's textile industry,[2] Bangladesh is keen to invest in Malawi in this sector. Bangladesh's progress in social development sectors like women empowerment and poverty reduction has been identified as a role model for Malawi to replicate.[3][4][5]