Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology, University of Dhaka

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Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology

The Institute of Leather Engineering & Technology (ILET) is an educational institution at hazaribagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh that provides education related to making leather, leather products and footwear. The Institute offers graduate courses through the University of Dhaka. ILET is an institute of University of Dhaka where admission is given through the admission test of A unit .[1]


On 15 August 1947, just after the end of British rule, the Ministry of Industry approved the East Bengal training institute for the development of leather and leather production. Officially, the institute was found on 10 June 1949 and academic activities started from the year 1952 after provision of infrastructure. Later, the institute was renamed Pakistan Leather Technology.

To provide better academic and educational facilities, the institute was transferred to the Ministry of Education and placed under the administrative control of the technical education in 1967.

After liberation, the institute was recognized as the Bangladesh College of Leather Technology and was involved with diploma, certificate and artisan level education until 1979. The government introduced a graduate course in B.Sc. Engineering in Leather under the University of Dhaka with the 1979-1980 academic session.

The college was then named as Bangladesh College of Leather Engineering and Technology.

On 18 August 2011, the college was handed over to University of Dhaka with its resource and manpower.

Faculty and departments[edit]

ILET is an institute of the faculty of Engineering and Technology of University of Dhaka. There are three departments:

  1. Leather Engineering
  2. Footwear Engineering
  3. Leather Products Engineering

ILET currently offers a Bachelor of Science in Leather Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Leather Product Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Footwear Engineering, and Master of Science in Leather Engineering. The course contains theory sessions with a high proportion of practical content which is undertaken in the laboratories.

Leather engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with The manufacturing technology of leather , biochemistry of proteins, principles of pre-tannage, analytical chemistry of pre–tanning materials, biotechnology of leather manufacture, mechanics of leather machines, post tanning operations, analytical chemistry of post tanning & finishing agents, and analytical chemistry of leather involved in leather manufacturing.

Coordinates: 23°44′01″N 90°22′08″E / 23.7337°N 90.3688°E / 23.7337; 90.3688


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