Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence

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Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence
"Speed, Service, Sacrifice"
Operational area
Country Bangladesh
AddressKazi Alauddin Road, Dhaka
Coordinates23°43′N 90°24′E / 23.72°N 90.40°E / 23.72; 90.40Coordinates: 23°43′N 90°24′E / 23.72°N 90.40°E / 23.72; 90.40
Agency overview
EstablishedApril 9, 1981; 40 years ago (April 9, 1981)
Director General Brigadier General Md Sazzad Hussain
EMS level BLS
Facilities and equipment
Rescue boats10
Light and air14
Aerial Ladder Platforms12

The Department of Fire Service & Civil Defence is a fire and rescue service in Bangladesh that is administered by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Department's main goal is to provide fire protection, emergency medical care, and other critical public safety services to the people of Bangladesh. The Department also works to continually educate the public in fire, life safety and disaster preparedness.


Firefighters at work in front of the Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence Headquarters building

The department is organised in a system of administration, finance, training, planning, development, operations, and maintenance. In an emergency, volunteers provide additional assistance to the department. Currently, the department has approximately 42,000 civilian volunteers.


Firefighters in action

Firefighting operations

  • Fire suppression
  • Technical rescue
  • Hazardous materials mitigation [1]
  • Airport fire and rescue
  • Seaport fire and rescue

Fire prevention

  • Inspection of buildings
  • Hazardous materials safety measures
  • Fire prevention inspection
  • Fire protection management guidance
  • Fire investigation

Emergency medical services

  • First-aid education and training
  • Emergency telephone consultation


The department currently has over 13,058 employees. In addition to the director general, there are three directors, nine deputy directors, twenty assistant directors, and eighty deputy assistant directors.


The department responds from 456 fire stations across the country.

  • 88 (A rated stations)
  • 251 (B rated stations)
  • 2 (B land Kam river)
  • 104 (C rated stations)
  • 11 (river fire stations)
Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence Headquarters


  • To protect and save lives and property for a safe and secured Bangladesh.
  • To provide service support to organize training, demonstration and consultancy to prevent fire incident and arrange civil defence measures.


  • To acquire competency as one of the leading fire fighting and disaster management organization in Asia.


A CMP Ford F15 with No. 11 cab possibly the first unit of the service

The then British government created Fire Service in 1939-40 in undivided India. During the Partition, the Calcutta Fire Service was created for the city of Calcutta at the regional level and the Bengal Fire Service for undivided Bengal. In 1947, the fire service in the region was renamed the East Pakistan Fire Service.

Two decommissioned Merryworth Bedford TK water tenders

During World War II, the Department of Civil Defense in India was initially created with Air Raid Precautions (ARP) at an early stage and the Department of Civil Defense at a later stage in 1951 through legal process. For the purpose of work management, a Rescue Department was created under the Roads and Highways Department.

On April 9, 1981, the then Fire Service Directorate and the Civil Defense Department merged to form the Department of Fire Service and Civil Defense.[2][3][4][5] Later the Rescue Department was included in the Department of Fire Service & Civil Defence. The FSCD is currently 40 years old.

Rank structure[edit]

  • Director General
  • Director
  • Deputy Director / Principal
  • Assistant Director / Vice Principal
  • Deputy Assistant Director / Instructor / Senior Staff officer / PO cum Adjutant
  • Senior Station Officer / Assistant Instructor / Officer in charge / Store Officer
  • Warehouse Inspector
  • Station Officer / Staff officer / Junior Instructor / Mobilizing Officer
  • Sub Officer
  • Leader
  • Firefighter / Nursing attendant / Diver
  • Driver


Name Image Origin Type
Isuzu NPR fire tender Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence Isuzu NPR Fire-tender. (32332043102).jpg  Japan Fire Engine
Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence Mitsubishi L200 pickup. (33185824335).jpg  Japan Pickup
Kingstar Neptune L6 Ambulance Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence Kingstar Neptune L6 Ambulance, Ambulance. (31902407024).jpg  China Ambulance
Foton Tunland Pickup Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence Foton Tunland pickup (24583284954).jpg  China Rescue Command Vehicle
SPV-SinoTruk 320 water tender Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence SPV-SinoTruk 320 water tender. (31624338466).jpg  China water tender
Isuzu FTR Chemical Tender Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD) Isuzu FTR Chemical Tender (23145874974).jpg  Japan Chemical tender
SPV-SinoTruk 220 foam tender 1590923142333jpg.jpg  China Foam Tender
Magirus MultiStar 2 Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD) Magirus MultiStar2 (31288468320).jpg  Germany Multipurpose Vehicle

In popular culture[edit]

The drama Aguner Nona Jol portrays the FSCD, with a fictional Officer and shows his life as a Senior Station Officer (SSO). Additionally members of the FSCD served as actors and advisers for the drama.


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