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Bangladeshi hip hop, part of the South Asian hip hop culture, is a genre of popular music developed in Bangladesh. Desi hip hop is a term for music and culture which combines the influences of hip hop and the Indian subcontinent; the term desi referring to the South Asian diaspora. The term has also come to be used as an alternative for rap music and even pop music which involves rappers of South Asian origins.


In Early 1993, Ashraf babu and Charu first introduced rap music in the Bengali-language music industry. They released an album called Tri-Rotner Khepa, which was the first Bengali rap music album.[1]

Notable groups[edit]

Stoic Bliss[edit]

In 2004, Queens based Bangladeshi hiphop group Stoic Bliss was formed.[2] They first introduced Banglish(Bangla-English) rap fusion in Bangla rap.Stoic Bliss was the very first to introduce hip-hop to Bangladesh through blogs before social media existed quickly gaining popularity in the underground music scene in Bangladesh.Their debut album "Lights Years Ahead" , was released in Bangladesh under the G-Series banner in June 2006.[3] The single "Abar Jigay" from their first album raised the group's popularity among the Bengali community. The Light Years Ahead album sold well over 250,000 copies within the first 10 months, making Stoic Bliss an emerging mainstream music group in Bangladesh.[4]

Deshi MCs[edit]

Dhaka based crew Deshi MCs was formed in 2006. Mc Shaq, Xplosive and Skibkhan were the founding members.Later another member MC Mugz joined the group.They first introduced gangsta rap in Bangla rap scene.In 2006, they released their first studio album named "Banned".[5] They known as the pioneers of "Banglish Gangsta Rap".

Theology Of Rap (T.O.R)[edit]

T.O.R was formed in 2006 by Adi and Shib-b. In 2009, they released their first album "Hip Hop Jaati",which brought them success.[6]

Uptown Lokolz[edit]

Another crew from Dhaka City named "Uptown Lokolz" was formed in 2008.In the same year,they released their first album -"Kahini Scene Paat [Explicit]".The single "Ai Mama Ai" from their first album gone viral nationwide.[7][8]

Jalali Set[edit]

Crew featuring MC Mugz, Double S, Shadhu & Jalali Shafayat.[9]

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