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The existing Bangladeshi honours system was created after Independence of Bangladesh. The most recognized civil awards are Ekushey Padak and Independence Day Award. They are awarded every year. The awards are civilian awards for a broad set of achievements in fields such as Education, Arts, Civil Service, or Social Service and Liberation War . Awards were also bestowed posthumously and they are not given for foreign citizens.

The most recognized and respectfull gallantry awards are the Bir (Bengali: বীর) awards which are Bir Sreshtho, Bir Uttom, Bir Bikrom and Bir Protik in decreasing order of importance. They are awarded to freedom fighters who showed utmost bravery and fought against the Pakistan Army in the Bangladesh Liberation War. All of these awards were introduced immediately after the Liberation War in 1971.

Civil decorations[edit]

General awards[edit]

Literature awards[edit]

Particular awards[edit]

Military decorations[edit]

The following are the various gallantry, service and war medals of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.[5][6][7][8][9]

Wartime gallantry awards[edit]

  • Bir Sreshtho Ribbon.png Bir Sreshtho-(Bengali: বীরশ্রেষ্ঠ; literally, "The Most Valiant Hero"), the highest gallantry award
  • Bir uttom.JPG Bir Uttom- (Bengali: বীর উত্তম; literally, "Better among Braves"), the second highest gallantry award
  • Bir Bikram.JPG Bir Bikrom- (Bengali: বীর বিক্রম; literally, "Valiant hero"), the third highest gallantry award
  • Bir Protik.JPG Bir Protik- (Bengali: বীর প্রতীক; literally, "Symbol of Bravery or Idol of Courage"), the fourth highest gallantry award

Peacetime gallantry awards[edit]

  • Noribbon.svgBir Sorbottam-(Bengali: বীর সর্বোত্তম; literally, "The Foremost Braves"), the highest gallantry award
  • Noribbon.svgBir Mrittunjoee- (Bengali: বীর মৃত্যুঞ্জয়ী; literally, "The Immortal Braves"), the second highest gallantry award
  • Noribbon.svgBir Chiranjib- (Bengali: বীর চিরঞ্জীব; literally, " The Incorruptible Braves"), the third highest gallantry award
  • Noribbon.svgBir Durjoy- (Bengali: বীর দুর্জয়; literally, "The Indomitable Braves"), the fourth highest

Distinguished service awards[edit]

Army service medals[edit]

  • Army Medal Bar.png Army Medal
  • Army Medal of Glory.gif Army Medal of Glory
  • Army Medal of Excellence Bar.png Army Medal of Excellence
  • Army Efficiency Medal Bar.png Army Efficiency Medal

Long service awards[edit]

  • Jestha Padak I.JPG Jestha Padak I (10 years service)
  • Jestha Padak 002.gif Jestha Padak II (20 years service)
  • Jestha Padak III.JPG Jestha Padak III (30 years service)

Special decorations (for non-nationals)[edit]

Police medals[edit]

Police medals are awarded every year in the annual Police Week Parade. They are awarded both for bravery and service.

Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM)

  • Bangladesh Police Medal - Gallantry (BPM-Gallantry).png Bangladesh Police Medal - Gallantry (BPM-Bīratto)
  • Bangladesh Police Medal.png Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM)
  • Bangladesh Police Medal - Service.png Bangladesh Police Medal - Service (BPM-Seba)

President Police Medal (PPM)

  • President Police Medal.PNG President Police Medal (PPM)
  • President Police Medal - Service.png President Police Medal - Service (PPM-Seba)

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