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The term Bangsamoro comes from combining the Malayo-Polynesian word bansa (Manobo and Lumad languages: bangsa), meaning nation or people, and the Spanish word moro, which was originally applied to the Moors that ruled Spain prior to the Reconquista, and was subsequently applied to predominantly Muslim Malay tribes.
Bangsa = Nation, Moro = Muslim; Bangsamoro or Muslim Nation.
Bangsa = In Maranao, moro also denotes a captor (other nuances: myakauro, miyaoro, miadakep).

Bangsamoro may refer to:
  • Moro people, also known as the Bangsamoros, a group of Muslim people within the ethnic indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia
  • Bangsamoro (political entity), a proposed autonomous political entity within the Philippines for the ethnic Moro
    • Bangsamoro Basic Law, a proposed law or bill that would establish the new Bangsamoro autonomous political entity
  • Bangsamoro Republik, a short-lived breakaway state declared by the Moro National Liberation Front in 2013
  • Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, a militant organization based in Mindanao, Philippines
  • Bangsamoro: Derived from two words. Bangsa and Moro. Bangsa meaning Nation. Moro meaning Muslim. Bangsamoro = Nation of Muslim or Muslim Nation.