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The Bani Israel Graveyard is the only Jewish cemetery in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. This cemetery is a part of the larger Mewa Shah Graveyard. Over the years, the area has been reduced. The graveyard currently holds about 5,000 graves.[1][2][3]

In his book ‘Karachi Tareekh Ke Aaeene Mein’ (Karachi in the Mirror of History), Muhammad Usman Damohi writes that the Jews only had one cemetery in Karachi, located south-east of the Haji Camp area. It was called the Bani Israel Cemetery. In her book ‘Malika-e-Mashriq’ (Queen of the East), Mehmooda Rizwiya writes that the Old Jewish Cemetery is adjacent to Usmanabad and is in the south-east of the Haji Camp.[4]

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