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Rashaida people map.png
Map of the extent of the Arab Rashaida tribe in Mainland Eritrea and Dahlak Archipelago.
Regions with significant populations
Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Jordan
Hejazi Arabic
Sunni Islam

The Rashaida, Rashaayda or Bani Rashid (Arabic: بني رشيد, الرشايدة‎‎) are a grouping of Bedouin Arab ethnic groups inhabiting Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait, the UAE, Oman, Jordan.[1] In 1846, many Rashaida migrated from the Hejaz in present-day Saudi Arabia into what is now Sudan, Kuwait, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al-Quwain, United Arab Emirates after tribal warfare had broken out in their homeland. But some members of the Rashaida tribe have migrated prior to that to Sudan and Eritrea. They are present in other Arab countries too, such as Egypt. Large numbers of Bani Rasheed are also found on the Arabian Peninsula. Some of the Rashaida people have intermarried with the Mahas of the Butana area, another tribe of Banu Khazraj descent and partial Nubian descent, from the mother's side. Many of the Rashaida living in Sudan are considered wealthy due to their trade (gold, camels, horses, etc) domestically in Sudan and also between Saudi Arabia and other countries.

The Bani Rasheed are descendants of the Banu Abs tribe.[2]

The Rashaida keep their traditional dress, culture, customs, camel breeds and practice of Sunni Islam.[3] The racing camel breeds of the Rashaida tribe are prized all over Sudan and the Arabian Peninsula and fetch very high prices.

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