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A banjo is a stringed instrument common in folk and popular music.

Banjo may also refer to:



  • Terence Bannon (born 1967), Northern Ireland mountaineer and adventurer
  • Bill Cornett (1890–c. 1959), American traditional folk singer, banjo player and politician
  • Banjo Matthews (1932–1996), NASCAR driver, car owner and builder
  • Barney McKenna (1939–2012), Irish musician and a founding member of The Dubliners, nicknamed "Banjo Barney"
  • Banjo Paterson (1864–1941), Australian poet, journalist and author
  • Ikey Robinson or Banjo Ikey (1904–1990), American banjoist and vocalist


  • Ashley Banjo (born 1988), English street dancer, choreographer and actor
  • Chris Banjo (born 1990), American National Football League player
  • Jordan Banjo (born 1992), a British street dancer
  • Kay Banjo (born 1992), American soccer player
  • Tunji Banjo (fl. 1977–1982), Nigerian-Irish former footballer
  • Victor Banjo (1930–1967), Nigerian Army colonel

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  • Banjō Ginga, Japanese actor and voice actor Takashi Tanaka (born 1948)

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