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Bank of South Australia
Subsidiary of Westpac
Industry Finance and insurance
Founded 11 March 1848, as the Savings Bank of South Australia[1]
Headquarters Adelaide, South Australia
Number of locations
Area served
South Australia & Northern Territory
Products Personal Banking, Business Banking and Insurance

The Bank of South Australia, known commercially as BankSA, is the largest financial institution in South Australia and the state's largest home lender.[2]


The forerunners of BankSA were the Savings Bank of South Australia, founded in 1848, and the State Bank of South Australia. These were merged under the name State Bank of South Australia in 1984.

BankSA is now a division of Westpac Banking Corporation, having been a division of St. George Bank before Westpac and St. George merged in 2008. The State Bank of South Australia was sold to Advance Bank due to a collapse and bailout by the Government of South Australia in 1992, when non-performing assets exceeded 30% of the loan book. Advance Bank was purchased by St. George in 1997.

BankSA has over 100 branches in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

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