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Bank Maskan
Government owned
Industry Financial services
Founded 1979
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Key people
Dr.M.H.Botshekan (CEO & Chairman)
Number of employees
12700 (fulltime)[1]

Bank Maskan (Persian: بانک مسکن‎‎), also known as the Housing Bank, is a bank in Iran. In 2008, the Central Bank banned all banks and other financial institutions, except for Maskan Bank, from providing residential mortgages.[2]

َAbout the Bank[edit]

Considering the fact that branches have different ratings and levels , their organization and the number of their personnel is different. Bellow we have provided some information regarding branch ratings. Branch rating has been considered since 1993, and has been done annually based on every branch performance (resources, allocations, services , etc) , Rating is done by planning and programming division of the bank.

Board of Directors


The history of Bank Maskan dates back to the year 1938, when Bank Rahni Iran was established to support the construction of new housing in urban areas.

Bank Rahni Iran was established with an initial capital of IRR200 million through a joint initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and Bank Melli Iran. Primarily aimed at financing Iran’s housing and construction sector, it began offering real estate secured housing related loans, in order to facilitate the purchase, construction, and repair of housing units.

The Bank also granted loans to building societies and construction companies. Expanding its field of activity, Bank Rahni was embarked directly on construction operations in 1944; and has accomplished numerous large – scale construction projects ever since. On June 7, 1979 Bank Maskan was established through merger of Bank Rahni Iran, Bank Sakhteman (Building & Construction Bank), Iranian Banks Construction Investment Company, Kurosh Bank, Ekbatan Bank and Pasargad Bank, as well as other savings and mortgage associations around the country.

Classified as state – owned, the basic mission of Bank Maskan as a specialized bank was to support the development of housing and construction activities of the governmental and private sectors in Iran. The Bank is the unique financial arm of Iranian government in execution of Mehr Housing Scheme. This Scheme is designed in 2007 to provide the majority of Iranian people with the opportunity of becoming housing owners. The process of granting facilities to this scheme is accelerated during recent years. The initial capital of the Bank was IRR44.5 billion. After several capital increases due to expansion of operations, it reached IRR18,297 billion in March 2011.

To further support the monetary section of the country, Bank Maskan included all available commercial banking services in Iran on its field of activities from the date of incorporation The network of Bank Maskan comprises of 1,235 branches. These branches operate in all major urban areas throughout the country, and render tailor – made specialized services to development of the Housing and Construction Sector of Iran’s economy.

Human Resources & Training[edit]

Bank Maskan recognizes that its success is entirely relied upon the devotion, resourcefulness, enthusiasm, and professionalism of its people; Therefore the Bank gives great importance to securing high calibre personnel among university and industry elites, and appropriates many resources toward finding the most qualified people. On March 20, 2013, Bank Maskan employed a total of 12,700 staff, of which 1,311 were headquarterbased.

Bank Maskan on Social Networks[edit]

in order to increase the public's reception of social media and aims to inform, educate and serve the customers , Bank maskan starts activity on social networks.the official pages of bank in the social network:

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