Bank of America Tower (Hong Kong)

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Bank of America Tower (1990 – now)
Bank of America Tower 2015.jpg
Bank of America Tower (Hong Kong), 2015
Former names Gammon House (1975–1980), Carrian House (1980–1990)
General information
Type Commercial Offices
Location 12 Harcourt Road
Coordinates 22°16′53″N 114°09′47″E / 22.2813°N 114.16303°E / 22.2813; 114.16303Coordinates: 22°16′53″N 114°09′47″E / 22.2813°N 114.16303°E / 22.2813; 114.16303
Completed 1975
Roof 146 m (479 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 38
Design and construction
Architect Ho & Partners Architects Limited
Developer Gammon Construction

The Bank of America Tower is a 38-floor 146 m (479 ft) skyscraper located in No.13 to 15 Harcourt Road Admiralty area of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. First floor rented for retailing and catering business. Third and fourth floor for car parking. Offices started from fifth floor. Each floor provides 13,880 square feet for rent, where the smallest unit starts from 800 square feet.

The Bank of America Tower participates in A Symphony of Lights.


in 1970s, Gammon Construction redeveloped the Victoria Barracks. At the same year, Hongkong Land acquired Gammon Construction. It was completed at 1975.

In 1980s, HSBC set up a vault at the ground floor of the building before HSBC Building was completed. At the same year, it was renamed as Carrian House with HKD$998 million purchase by Carrian Group. Within two years, property price plummeted due to political uncertainty and the purchase was seen as a "fraud" and Carrian Group was liquidated by the court. The case was resolved at the Supreme Court in 1997.

It was sold in layers, and purchased and renamed by Bank of America. In the early 2000s, the Bank of America's Hong Kong office has moved to Two IFC (Hong Kong) and Kowloon Trade Center, retaining only the naming rights and external advertising rights of Bank of America.

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